Loose Women fans love “beautiful” new panellist

The Twitter critics were won over

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Take a bow, Maya Jama, because you have aced one of the trickiest tasks on UK television – you won over the Loose Women audience.

Maya appeared on Loose Women today (Credit: ITV)

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Maya, who co-presents Cannonball with Freddie Flintoff and Frankie Bridge, stepped in as a guest host today.

And the viewers, who are notoriously a tough nut to crack, absolutely loved her. Yay!

Maya is Stormzy’s girlfriend (Credit: ITV)

Fans took to Twitter, which is obviously the oracle of everything now, to heap praise on her.

Some viewers wanted to compliment the gorgeous star on her looks.  One tweeted: “How pretty is @MayaJama #LooseWomen” while another added: “@MayaJama is so beautiful! So glad she’s on #loosewomen!”

While another was just overjoyed that Maya was on the panel, writing: “As if @MayaJama’s a loose woman today!! You go girl!!!”

And while another didn’t have a clue who Maya was, liked her anyway, tweeting: “I like this new Maya girl, but I have no idea who she is. Her voice is VERY familiar for some reason though”

Just for you, @MissMorgansBox, Maya is best known for her work on MTV and 4music, as well as Cannonball and various radio jobs.

Oh, and she’s Stormzy’s girlfriend too!

Recently, TV veteran Rustie Lee, ended up on the wrong side of the Loose Women audience favour following her turn as a guest host.

Viewers branded her irrelevant on social media.

Rustie’s turn didn’t go all that well (Credit: ITV)

One critic wrote on Twitter: “The moment you see Rustie Lee in the panel and you can’t get your coat on quick enough to go out.

“Arghhh, jeez, it’s not the 1980s.”

Another disgruntled viewer typed: “I thought Rustie Lee lost relevance about twenty years ago.”

A third wrote: “Rusty bullet hole is on Loose Women *turns down sound on TV*”

Ouch indeed.

But the armchair critics did like Denise Van Outen when she hosted the show a couple of weeks back and shut down a crying Lauren Goodger.

Denise was a hit with viewers (Credit: ITV)

The Towie star and Towie narrator clashed when Lauren spoke out about her relationship with jailbird Joey Morrison broke down.

Speaking to Andrea McLean, Denise, Stacey Solomon and Kaye Adams about her relationship with Joey Lauren said: “It was too much stress with him inside and me going out. It was a mutual agreement.

“It was really intense and mentally draining. It was too much.”

She then went on to say: “I feel under a lot of pressure at the minute and it’s knocked my confidence,” before breaking down in tears.

As the panellists rushed to comfort the star, Lauren continued: “I don’t know why I’m crying. I don’t know what to do. If I can focus on me again and come out of it all.”

Denise then hit back saying: “But maybe if you take yourself out of the media spotlight you would find it easier.”

Denise took Lauren down (Credit: ITV)

To which Lauren responded: “I can’t get away from it, [the paparazzi] are always outside of my house.”

Denise continued: “But you can. Can I be honest? I know a lot of people who are in the industry, who have got an even bigger profile than you, that do have a private life and it is possible to do it.”

A sobbing Lauren defended herself saying: “But when you’re coming out of your house and they’re following you trying to write horrible things…”

“But that doesn’t happen all the time and I know that,” Denise interrupted.

“This is not criticism but sometimes it can be seen that you are feeding the media.”

Lauren burst into tears as she spoke to the panel (Credit: ITV)


The Twitterati loved Denise’s no nonsense attitude and flooded social media with praise.

One tweeted: “Yes @denise_vanouten preach to Lauren. She thinks the press are more obsessed than they are with her.”

Another said: “Denise Van Outen breaking it down for Lauren Goodger.”

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“Denise just TOTALLY shut down Lauren’s fake crying,” one added.

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