Loose Women fans expose BGT’s DNA as they perform magic trick on the show

The BGT finalists performed a mind reading trick live on the show

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Britain’s Got Talent magic act DNA appeared on Friday’s Loose Women and performed a mind-reading trick live during the show.

Darren and Andrew wowed the Loose ladies after performing a series of tricks involving all four panellists.

Andrea McLean, Stacey Solomon, Denise Van Outen and Kaye Adams may have been impressed but viewers watching from home were quick to expose the stars and believe they’ve figured out how they do it.

DNA performed a trick on the show (Credit: ITV)

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First Denise was made to randomly pick a card each containing a different letter and keep it hidden.

The magic duo then moved to Kaye and asked her to think of the initials of someone in her personal life.

Darren then told the presenter to whisper the letters in his ear but make sure the other panellists and Andrew couldn’t hear.

Kaye said: “I don’t want to be mean but I want you to get it wrong.”

Andrew then started flicking through the deck of cards and correctly guessed the initials after picking out the cards containing the letters B and C on them.

They involved the panellists in their magic trick (Credit: ITV)

It was then Andrea and Stacey’s turn. The duo asked them both to think of someone famous.

The panellists had chosen their answers and Andrea whispered her answer to Andrew while Stacey told hers to Darren in secret.

Andrew then told Andrea to focus on that person’s surname and Darren would attempt to guess who she was thinking of.

Both Andrew and Darren then wrote the famous names on a piece of paper before revealing them to the panellist and audience.

Of course, they answered correctly.

Viewers were convinced they had figured out how they did it (Credit: ITV)

To finish off their trick they returned back to the card that Denise had first picked out and revealed that it matched the initial that was on a mug in a photo that was taken of everyone backstage.

The Loose Women presenters were left speechless over the amazing act.

Kaye said: “I was so desperate to work it out but you are incredible. Is it the kind of language that you use with each other?”

To which Andrew replied: “It is the connection between our minds.”

But fans watching from home were so impressed.

One wrote: “The mind reading on #loosewomen is soooo obvious!! They talk in code and do movements!! We could all learn to do it!! Hardly mind-reading!!”

“DNA cannot read minds, that’s that sorted.. NEXT! #loosewomen,” another added.

A third tweeted: “Mind readers my arse All done in code and movements. Very basic magic. #DNA #LooseWomen.”

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During the chat with the BGT finalists spoke about their act.

Darren told the panel: “We decided to do a show like Britain’s Got Talent because we wanted to show everyone the difference between us and other mind readers.

“We are a telepathy act. When one of us thinks of a thought the other person can pick it up.”

But Kaye wasn’t so convinced as she said: “I mean you can’t. I’m not being cheeky, I think you’re amazing.”

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