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Loose Women divides viewers by making Joey Essex strip off to jump in pool

Joey dived in the pool live on the show

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Viewers were left divided over a Joey Essex interview on ITV’s Loose Women.

The Friday installment of the popular show saw the panelists urge the former TOWIE star to strip to his underwear.

Joey stripped off and jumped into his swimming pool in his back garden.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to slam the move, with many arguing it made for uncomfortable viewing.

Some pointed out that male panelists would never be allowed to do the same to a female interviewee.

joey essex 2020 loose women
Joey showed off his swimming pool and new dragon statue (Image credit: ITV)

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One Twitter user wrote: “How sexiest is @loosewomen egging on joey Essex to strip down and jump in the pool. How bad would that be if four blokes were egging on some girl to do the same! #DoubleStandards #LooseWomen.”

A step too far?

Another user tweeted: “How is @loosewomen still going? Clearly sexualising and objectifying men on live TV. If the genders were swapped the show would be cancelled instantly.”

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And a third complained: “@loosewomen asked Joey Essex to jump in his pool. He says, I will have to strip to my boxers for that… thumbs up from the women.

“Just a bit of fun of course. But would have happened if 4 fellas asked a female guest to do the same thing Man shrugging.”

joey essex loose women itv
Joey finally agreed to strip down (Image credit: ITV)

A fourth user argued: “I’m finding #LooseWomen a bit cringe, especially a bunch of women getting Joey Essex to strip down and take a dip in the pool.”

However, others found it hilarious.

Joey was on the show to promote his appearance on Channel 4’s hit show Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

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He said he hoped viewers would see a different side to him.

The conversation then moved to Joey jumping in the pool.

“Jump in any time you want”

Christine Lampard said: “You can jump in any time you want! If you want to chill out in that beautiful looking pool.”

loose women itv
The women appeared ecstatic as Joey bombed into the pool (Image credit: ITV)

Joey replied: “Maybe at the end. If you’re lucky!”

She replied coyly: “Maybe? OK Joey! Look forward to that!”

As they came to the end of the interview the ladies urged him to jump in.

They all cried: “Go on!” until he agreed to strip down to his underwear for a dip.

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