Denise Welch on the Loose Women panel today

Loose Women panellists shocked as Denise Welch reveals her real name

Her ITV co-stars were stunned

Denise Welch made a shocking confession on Loose Women today.

The ITV star was discussing children’s names with Charlene White, Jane Moore and Frankie Bridge when she made a surprise revelation.

Denise revealed that her real name isn’t actually Denise, to the shock of her co-stars on the panel.

Denise Welch on the Loose Women panel today
TV’s Denise Welch revealed her real name on Loose Women today (Credit: ITV)

Denise Welch reveals real name on Loose Women today

She explained: “I’m Jacqueline Denise. I was never brought up as Jacqueline.”

“Is Denise not your name?” a shocked Charlene interjected.

“My mother, according to my dad, went through a French phrase and loved the idea of Jacqueline Denise.”

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Denise continued: “She thought Jacqueline Denise flowed better than Denise Jacqueline, right? Which is so annoying, because I’ve been brought up with that.

I’ve actually taken it off my passport and certain things. It’s really annoying.”

“So, I’ll be at the doctor’s. I’ll say: ‘It’s Denise Welch. Hang on a minute, it might be Denise Townley. Oh, actually, it might be Jacqueline Denise Townley,’ you know, it drives me mad!

“I’ve actually taken it off my passport and certain things. It’s really annoying.”

Loose Women star Denise Welch wearing black outside BBC studios
Denise Welch isn’t actually called Denise (Credit: Splashnews)

Meanwhile, Denise recently opened up on the show about a tough subject.

The ITV panellist revealed that she once had an abortion after being in a difficult relationship.

Denise then told the panel: “I also had a termination. I was older.

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“People have said to me: ‘Do you regret it?’ Obviously, you know, of course in some ways I regret that I had to make that decision. But I made it for my own future. People think that’s selfish but so be it.”

She revealed that the relationship had become abusive, and she took the step to have an abortion as a result.

“I found myself in an incredibly coercive, controlling, incredibly controlling relationship. Not physical but as we know you just can’t see the bruises.

“I got pregnant not purposely, but I wasn’t doing a great deal to prevent it because I was under the impression that would be a wanted pregnancy but I was made to feel so bad,” she added.

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