Loose Women Denise Welch

Loose Women: Denise Welch clashes with Kaye Adams in Matt Hancock debate

Viewers were divided on social media

Loose Women star Denise Welch clashed with Kaye Adams in a heated Matt Hancock debate today.

On Monday’s programme, the panel were discussing the CCTV photos and video of the former Health Secretary kissing his aide Gina Coladangelo.

The show ran a poll asking viewers if they are less likely to follow the government’s Covid rules after the photos emerged.

53 per cent said yes while 47 per cent said no.

Loose Women Denise Welch
Denise clashed with Kaye on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

What happened between Denise Welch and Kaye Adams on Loose Women today?

Denise said: “The rules that I have chosen to not abide by are the rules that, to me as a fairly intelligent woman of 63 years old, have not made any sense.

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“I will no longer abide by rules that make absolutely no sense.”

Kaye interrupted: “But that way lies anarchy! If we all make it up ourselves…”

Loose Women Denise Welch
Kaye said she would rather listen to the experts (Credit: ITV)

Denise continued: “Maybe there needs to be a little bit of anarchy,” to which Kaye said: “Oh come on.”

Denise carried on: “There was two million people on a march on Saturday.

“When the news later that night, Kaye please let me just finish this, said ‘what do you think has happened to make Matt Hancock resign after 48 hours?’

“Well possibly two million people on a march, the majority are people who have lost their freedom.

“They aren’t anti-vaxxers or conspiracy theorists.”

Loose Women Denise Welch
Kaye and Denise didn’t see eye to eye during the debate (Credit: ITV)

Kaye said: “At the end of the day, in the biggest health crisis we have faced in the last century, am I going to go out and ask two million people what they think what we should do?”

Denise cut in: “Kaye, it’s no longer the biggest health crisis. We have the vaccination, if it works we have to move forward.”

Denise then pointed out many more people died from cancer, heart disease, sepsis and suicide compared to Covid.

She said: “If we continue to be Covid centric, we are never going to recover the deaths and undiagnosed illnesses that happened during lockdown.”

Loose Women Denise Welch
Viewers were divided over the clash (Credit: ITV)

What else did Denise and Kaye say?

Kaye said: “Denise, I respect your view but at the end of the day, I feel we have no option but to put ourselves in the hands of some experts.

“To be brutal, if I’ve got to listen to either you or Professor Chris Witty I’m going to go with Professor Chris Witty.”

Denise hit back: “Well go with Chris Witty and be in lockdown forever then! It’s up to you.”

Following the row, Kaye tried to diffuse the situation.

She said: “I love you Denise, and I know you’ve been such a hard time with your dad and I fully understand why you feel the way you do. Because I feel differently, doesn’t mean I don’t respect the way you feel.”

Denise added: “I respect yours as well.”

What did Loose Women viewers say?

Viewers were divided over the clash, with many not agreeing with Denise.

One person said on Twitter: “Had to switch off today can’t listen to Denise kicking off, she needs to calm down.”

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Another wrote: “If Denise can’t express her opinion without shouting over other people don’t have her there, everybody has their own opinion and is entitled to express it in a respectful manner.”

A third said: “Denise, let everyone have an opinion and please stop shouting!”

However, others agreed with Denise.

One added: “We need Denise on the show more!! Hearing the truth for once feels good.”

Another tweeted: “Yes Denise. Saying what most of us are thinking!”

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