Carol McGiffin on Loose Women

Loose Women: Carol McGiffin and Kéllé Bryan clash in face mask debate

Carol disagreed with young children being made to wear masks

Loose Women stars Carol McGiffin and Kéllé Bryan clashed during a debate on the programme today.

The panel were discussing whether it’s wrong to make two-year-old children wear face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carol said it was wrong while Kéllé suggested it would help the kids “get to used” to wearing a mask at a young age.

Carol McGiffin clashes with Kelle Bryan on Loose Women
Carol and Kéllé had different opinions on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women today

Carol said: “Kids need germs. That’s how they build up their immune system and to force them to wear masks… I find it really quite disturbing actually.

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“I’ve seen videos of kids being forced to wear a mask on a plane and they’re screaming and don’t want to wear them but they are being forced to wear them and I think it’s inherently cruel.”

Carol and Kéllé clash on Loose Women
Carol didn’t agree with young children having to wear face masks (Credit: ITV)

However, Kéllé replied: “But isn’t that why it’s good to get them used to it at a young age so they become used to it.”

Carol cut in: “No, but why have they got to get used to it Kéllé? Why, why, why?

“This is going to be over one day, they can’t get used to wearing masks all the time.”

Kéllé said: “We are living in different times, before we’re talking about the common cold…”

Carol interrupted: “No, no, not that different. We’ve always had germs.”

Kéllé Bryan clashes with Carol McGiffin on Loose Women today
Kéllé saw the other point of view (Credit: ITV)

Viewers joined the discussion on Twitter, with many agreeing with Carol.

One person said: “Masks for 2-year-olds is a ridiculous concept. Kéllé only ever sees things from her point of view. So frustrating.”

No, but why have they got to get used to it Kéllé?

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Another wrote: “Well said Carol!”

A third tweeted: “@loosewomen kids at the age of 2 wearing masks what planet are we living on? #loosewomen I’m with @McGiff on this matter!”

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