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Loose Women viewers divided over Melinda Messenger’s appearance

The former model and presenter has a very different career now

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ITV viewers were left divided by an appearance from Melinda Messenger on Loose Women.

The former model is now a therapist, and video linked in to talk about ‘starting over in your 40s’.

Melinda, 49, explained how she had downsized her entire life to retrain as a psychotherapist.

Speaking to the panel, the former Page Three girl said: “I actually downscaled, sold everything and just thought, ‘As long as I’ve got the minimum I need to get by on, I can start this journey’.

melinda messenger 2020
Melinda Messenger appeared on Loose Women via video link (Credit: ITV)

“And then ultimately as everything does it just becomes self-rewarding because the pleasure I get is through the roof because it has so much meaning for me and in turn it does provide.

“The pleasure I get is through the roof”

“We’re talking totally different scales but for me what I gain in the meaning and purpose of the work that I do far outweighs any financial trappings.”

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While some viewers applauded Melinda’s bold career move, others argued such a change isn’t possible for everyone.

One Twitter user praised: “I applaud @melindamessnger.

“How I wish I could be as brave after so many years of being told ‘you’ll never do that’ or ‘you aren’t clever enough for that’. Hard to shake those restrictions imposed on your brain. Congratulations and all the luck in the world for you.”

melinda messenger
Melinda says she is happier than ever as a therapist (Credit: ITV)

Another user commended: “Well done, shows you’re never too old to start something new, and especially in a difficult career path.”

But additional users argued that financial realities can often prevent a huge career change.

“In reality it’s much harder for others”

One user posted: “I’m not belittling what Melinda’s achieved but following your ‘calling’ is much easier if your mortgage is paid off and you have a healthy bank account to lessen the financial impact. I think that in reality it’s much harder for others.”

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A further user agreed: “Agree. I went into an acting and comedy career over 10 years ago with nothing. I’ve still got nothing, so yes, it’s easier when you have already got financial backing behind you.”

melinda messenger
Melinda argued it is possible to start over in your 40s (Credit: ITV)

Melinda told the Daily Mail in December of last year that she is now a working therapist.

She wrote: “I work in a private clinic seeing clients and for a homeless charity.

“For me, it’s pure soul nourishment. They say that once you find the thing you love, you never work a day in your life — and it’s true.”

After completing an intensive five-year psychotherapy course, Melinda describes herself as a transpersonal psychotherapist.

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