Look out – the BBC is launching a Love Island rival, and it’s going to be shocking!

The Brits are heading for Croatia...

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If you’re anything like us, you suffer terrible withdrawal symptoms when Love Island comes (bumping and) grinding to a halt at the end of each series.

But don’t fret, as BBC Three is launching a programme on Monday that promises to be every bit as sleazy and saucy as the ITV reality show.

According to the advert, Croatia 2017: The Brits Are Coming will centre around “the perfect summer hols… sun, music, sex, drinks, parties, thrills, friends…”, in the resort of Novalja, on the island of Pag.

And if a recent report in The Sun about British tourists’ antics over there is anything to go by, viewers could be in for a shock (or a treat, depending on your point of view).

The third series of Love Island was the most popular yet. (Credit: ITV)

The article, published in June, claimed that the mayor of Novalja, Ante Dabo, had been forced to apologise to locals for the behaviour of “barbaric” British tourists.

And the Brits have reportedly been just as bad on the nearby island of Hvar.

Its mayor, Rikardo Novak, was quoted as saying: “[British tourists] throw up across the city streets, they pee on every corner, they walk without T-shirts, they sleep on the streets, in public spaces, they make noise and they are out of control.”

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Set to run for two weeks, Croatia 2017: The Brits Are Coming will follow a range of holidaymakers, from young DJs preparing to work at the local clubs, to a young girl on her first foreign break, and even a soldier who’s been living with his folks so he could save for the trip of a lifetime.

However, while the show won’t be for the faint-hearted, BBC Three controller Damian Kavanagh insists that the intention wasn’t to go for all-out sleaze.

“BBC Three is committed to experimenting and exploring new ways to tell stories that matter to young audiences,” he said in the BBC press release.

“This will be an authentic series of films exploring the real lives of young people today, and will build on the innovative approach BBC Three has to documentary storytelling.”

Channel 5 has attempted to echo the success of Love Island with its own series, Make Or Break (Credit: Channel 5)

TV shows centred around hormonal Brits on the continent seem to be all the rage at the moment.

The third series of Love Island, which finished last month, was the most popular yet, and thrashed Channel 5’s long-running reality show Big Brother in the ratings war.

And Channel 5 has launched its own ‘sun, sand and sex’ format with Make Or Break, which sees eight warring couples jetting off to Mexico in an attempt to rekindle their romance.

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However, programmes like these clearly aren’t to everyone’s taste, and there were a couple of dissenting voices on Twitter when the BBC revealed details of its new show.

One person wrote: “After they were banned from Spanish islands, Greece, France & PL, poor Croatia is next to suffer drunken Brits. Spreading like locusts…”

And another added: “I’m probably their target audience and I find this vacuous and banal.”

Well, we might tune in just to see what it’s like (wink)…

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