Long Lost Family star dies weeks after discovering his half-brother lived one MILE away from him

Steve Belshaw appeared on the show earlier this month

Long Lost Family star Steve Belshaw has tragically passed away just two weeks after he appeared on the show to meet his half-brother, Rob, for the first time in 50 years.

Steve, 54, was given up for adoption by his mum, Frances, when she was 17 years old, but when he was searching for her, he discovered she had died back in 2004.

He then found out Rob lived just one MILE away from him.

Two weeks ago the heartbreaking show aired on our screens, but sadly Steve then passed away of an unknown cause shortly after.

Steve tragically passed away last week after appearing on the show two weeks ago (Credit: ITV)

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Rob’s partner Kelly told the Mirror: “I don’t know what to say other than we’re devastated and he’s been taken from us far too soon.”

It’s also been said that many of Steve’s friends have paid tribute to him on his Facebook page.

Tim Hall, a former colleague of Steve’s, said Steve passed away last Friday but the cause was “unknown”. He said: “He was on ITV the other week on Long Lost Families [sic].”

According to The Sun, another pal Kevin Long shared a link to Steve’s Facebook profile which said: “RIP Steve, so sorry to hear this news.”

Steve appeared on the show on August 9 searching for his biological mother Frances.

Steve appeared on the show to find his biological mother (Credit: ITV)

But after discovering his mum had passed away hosts Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell were able to find out that Steve had a half-brother, Robert Hall.

Steve revealed that his mum had left an ad in the local newspaper asking for someone to adopt him. She was allowed to choose who would be Steve’s new parents.

The only thing Steve had in connection to Frances were letters she had left about her decision to give him up.

Francis admitted she was unable to look after Steve by herself after his dad was tragically killed in a motorbike accident.

Steve said: “I cannot for one moment comprehend what it must have been like to have lost her boyfriend and the father of her child.

“I can only see her world falling apart.”

Steve had no hard feelings towards Frances and said he believed what she did “speaks volumes about her character”.

All he had in connection to his mum were letters she had left behind (Credit: ITV)

He said: “Knowing that she’d gone to all that trouble to find the most suitable parents she possibly could to me speaks volumes about her character.”

He went on to explain that he never doubted his birth mother’s motives and reasons.

Steve admitted: “Do I question her love for me? No, not at all.

“Her love and desire to do what was right it means absolutely everything to me. I have to hold on to that because it’s given me a lot of strength over the years.”

It was then revealed Davina and Nicky had found Rob, who could give Steve a connection to his mum.

Steve met his half-brother Rob in scenes that left viewers in tears (Credit: ITV)

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Host Davina told Steve the good news which left him visibly emotional.

He told the presenter: “I’ve never had a little brother before.”

She went on to reveal that Robert lived just one mile away from Steve.

A stunned Steve said: “My goodness,” before breaking down in tears.

The brothers ended up meeting for the first time leaving viewers in tears.