David and Helen on Long Lost Family

Long Lost Family: Foundling siblings united with another brother after viewer spots resemblance to her dad

What an incredible story

Long Lost Family scored a first earlier this week (Tuesday September 14) – it managed to hook up two lost siblings with ANOTHER brother thanks to information from a viewer.

The show specialises in bringing adopted children – now adults – back together again.

But even hosts Nicky Campbell and Davina McCall could not have predicted this outcome.

David on Long Lost Family
David on Long Lost Family (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Long Lost Family?

Tuesday night’s update showed how Long Lost Family – Born Without A Trace: What Happened Next? reunited David McBride and Helen Ward in 2019.

David revealed that he was placed in a blue and white shawl and left on a random car seat in Belfast when he was a baby.

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That was almost 60 years ago.

In the same show, Helen told her story – she was abandoned in a telephone box on the other side of the Irish border in 1968.

DNA tests concluded that they were siblings and the show pieced together their emotional stories.

David and Helen on Long Lost Family
David and Helen reunited (Credit: ITV)

David and Helen’s Long Lost Family story

It turned out their Catholic mum had been having an affair with a married Protestant man.

Their father was already father to 14 children and was 17 years older than David and Helen’s mum.

However, there was another twist to the tale.

A woman in Australia – who had watched the original episode – got in touch…

John on Long Lost Family
John provided David and Helen with another surprise (Credit: ITV)

John provided another twist

During the episode, Donna thought that David looked a lot like her own dad, John.

John was also an Irish ‘foundling’.

After a DNA test, it was concluded that John was also David and Helen’s long-lost sibling.

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“I’m so grateful. I’m so, so grateful that both yourself and David are in my life now, absolutely so grateful,” Helen said.

John added: “The DNA test was the best thing I ever did.

“Today has come and I know exactly who I am. And I have family – another family – and it’s great to know your roots.”

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