Simon on Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace

Long Lost Family: Man abandoned as a baby receives crushing news about his parents

He had no idea

ITV viewers were in tears last night when a man abandoned as a baby was given heartbreaking news about his parents on Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace.

During Tuesday (June 2) evening’s episode, viewers were introduced to foundling Simon Jeffery.

Simon on Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace
On Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace, Simon told how his birth mother abandoned him as a baby (Credit: ITV)

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Simon’s birth mother abandoned him when he was just a baby. A stranger discovered him in a wooden corned-beef box outside the Railway Tavern pub in Greenhithe, Kent.

What did Simon learn about his family?

That was in October 1963 and Simon, who had never known any members of his family, had no idea that his parents had six other children.

Simon on Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace
He learned he has a number of siblings (Credit: ITV)

In the programme, host Davina McCall explained that Simon has always lived in the same house in Gravesend. Since it was where authorities took him as a baby, he had always hoped his birth mother would find him easily.

Sadly, Davina had to break the news to him that both his parents had actually passed away.

Producers made the decision to give Simon the crushing news off camera.

Why did she leave me there?

But the programme included the moment they told him about his siblings; that his parents were married; that they all lived close by in Gravesend and that he was the youngest.

Simon fought back tears as Davina told him. He confessed: “That’s completely different to how I imagined… I always thought I’d be the oldest. It now puts another issue on – why did she leave me there?”

Davina said: “Your brothers and sisters now think your mum might have had post-natal depression.”

“Nobody does know [what she might have been going through],” Simon conceded.

An emotional reunion

It was an emotional moment when Simon was reunited with his two sisters and his brother.

Simon on Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace
They cried as they finally reunited (Credit: ITV)

They burst into tears as they hugged and noted the likeness shared between them.

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Simon said afterwards: “It was an instant connection… I know who I am now. I’ve got my identity.”

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Viewers Reacted to Simon’s story on Twitter. One said: “I’m a grown man crying my eyes out watching this programme. Unbelievable. Good luck to you, Simon #BornWithoutTrace.”

Another said: “Heartbreaking for Simon. He’s so happy to have found some siblings. But to know they were a happy family and yet you were abandoned is heartbreaking. Really wishing him well for the future with his family. #BornWithoutTrace.”

A third wrote: “They lived two miles apart. My heart is breaking for Simon #BornWithoutTrace.”

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