Lizzie Cundy enrages GMB viewers with her opinion on plus-size clothing

She supports a so-called "fat tax" on fashion

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Lizzie Cundy angered Good Morning Britain viewers today when she appeared on the show to argue in favour of a so-called “fat tax” on fashion.

The former WAG said she believed it was right that plus-size people should pay more for their clothes.

She said: “I’m not anti-plus-size but a larger size uses more material and more work goes into it so you should pay more.”

Lizzie said her argument made perfect sense.

“It’s not a weight issue, does a size 20 dress use more material, yes or no? Yes!” she said.

She added to back up her views: “If you were buying king-sized bedding you would pay more than for single bedding as it’s more material. If you had a large window, you’d pay more for curtains.”

In the studio, Josie Gibson and Piers Morgan slammed Lizzie for her opinion.

Josie, who famously lost six stone after winning Big Brother, said it would be an awful experience for someone who is larger than their friend to have to pay more for the same coat.

She said it was unfair and would damage their self-esteem.

She added: “Where does it stop? Do you pay more if you’re taller or have bigger feet?”

She said Lizzie could never understand how painful this issue is as she’d been “genetically blessed” so isn’t someone who struggles with her weight.

Piers also criticised Lizzie for supporting a “fat tax” saying “it’s not right to reward people for being a stick insect.”

He pointed out that the “fat tax” would penalise people whose weight gain was out of their control, for instance, if they were ill.

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But Lizzie had a solution for these people.

“If they have a medical condition they could take their prescription to the shop,” she said.

Many viewers also disagreed with what Lizzie had to say and took to Twitter to air their views.

Lizzie couldn’t be moved from her stance despite being presented with alternative arguments.

She said: “I have a size six friend with cystic fibrosis who has to pay the same for clothes as someone who is a size 20, how is that right?

“It’s a fact it costs more as it uses more material.”

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So what do you think about Lizzie’s views?