Jo Davidson in episode six of Line Of Duty

Line of Duty: The 34 questions Jo Davidson said ‘no comment’ to!

"No comment"

Last night’s series six episode of Line of Duty (Sunday April 25) paused for breath after the onslaught of the past few weeks as Jo Davidson took centre stage.

It featured a whopping-great 24-minute interrogation scene featuring the bent(ish) copper, Ted Hastings, Steve Arnott and Patricia Carmichael.

Throughout this intense scene – where the AC-12 gang tried to get the names of the OCG bosses – Davidson said “no comment” an incredible 34 times.

So what were the questions she refused to answer? And do they give us any clues to what might happen in next week’s series finale?

Jo Davidson in episode six of Line Of Duty
Jo answered questions with 34 ‘no comments’ (Credit: BBC)

Line of Duty series six questions that Jo Davidson refused to answer…

Question one:

Carmichael: “Who is seen in image 17?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question two:

Carmichael: “The person seen in image 17 is Samantha Davidson, correct?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question three:

Carmichael: “What is your relationship to Samantha Davidson?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question four:

Carmichael: “Are you related by blood to John Thomas Hunter?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

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Question five:

Hastings: “So what is the truth?”

Carmichael: “It’s a simple enough question for Acting Superintendent Davidson to answer…”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question six:

Arnott: “These things we’ve learned about your family history, no one can be blamed for what they’re born into and the path it puts them on. Now’s the time to give your side…”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question seven: 

Arnott: “So you were a teenager when you lost your mum. It must have been very upsetting…”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question eight:

Hastings: “Whose device is this?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question nine: 

Hastings: “For what purpose did you employ this device?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Steve Arnott in episode six of Line Of Duty
Steve tried his best during the interview (Credit: BBC)

Questions 10-20…

Question 10:

Hastings: “Who were the participants in these text conversations?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 11:

Arnott: “Our Cybercrimes department detected an IP address for the PW-5 user matching 9 Croxforth Street. The IP address for the unknown user is located in Spain…”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 12:

Hastings: “What was the nature of these text conversations?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 13:

Hastings: “Can you tell us what is meant by the instruction ‘get rid of her’?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 14:

Hastings: “You agreed to lure DI Fleming to her death, that’s about the top and bottom of it, isn’t it?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 15:

Hastings: “You can say ‘no comment’ until you’re blue in the face, but we know what’s what. DI Fleming made a call to DI Arnott just minutes before an illicit rendezvous took place between you and PC Ryan Pilkington…”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 16:

Hastings: “We have identified a number of high-ranking figures in a clandestine network of corrupt police officers.”

Carmichael: “Hypothetical network.”

Hastings: “One such high ranking figure, once erroneously codenamed ‘H’ we now refer to as ‘The Fourth Man’. Is he running the show?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 17:

Carmichael: “What is shown in image 24?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 18:

Carmichael: “Why were these documents in your department?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 19:

Hastings: “Did you or someone close to you engineer your appointment with Buckells as the convenient stooge?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Patricia Carmichael in episode six of Line Of Duty
Carmichael interviewing Jo Davidson (Credit: BBC)

The next 10 questions…

Question 20:

Hastings: “Did you plant evidence against Farida Jatri?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 21:

Carmichael: “To the best of your knowledge, was Carl Banks involved in the murder of Gail Vella?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 22:

Carmichael: “Who was directing the movements of the vehicle?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 23:

Carmichael: “What is shown in image 47?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 24:

Arnott: “Cybercrime examined the hard drives of both devices. Passwords were inputted to access the stored files. How would these passwords have been obtained?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 25:

Arnott: “Well, taking for granted the involvement of organised crime, I’d suggest an employee in the IT department at Gail Vella’s news service was exploited using bribery, blackmail or intimidation…”

Davidson: “No comment.”

The initial inquiry into Lawrence Christopher’s murder was led by DCI Marcus Thurwell. Do you know that name?”

Question 26:

Hastings: “The initial inquiry into Lawrence Christopher’s murder was led by DCI Marcus Thurwell. Do you know that name?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 27:

Hastings: “Who is shown in image 75?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 28:

Hastings: “Who is that?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 29:

Hastings: “What’s your relationship to Marcus Thurwell?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Ted Hastings in episode six of Line Of Duty
Ted laying down the letter of the law (Credit: BBC)

The final five questions…

Question 30:

Carmichael: “How did PC Ryan Pilkington meet his death?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 31:

Carmichael: “Ryan Pilkington was fatally wounded by a firearm. Describe what happened?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 32:

Hastings: “So who was giving Pilkington his orders, was it Marcus Thurwell?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

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Question 33:

Hastings: “We have presented clear evidence that you were getting your instructions from Spain. And we also know that from our inquiries that Thurwell was in Spain. Is this the person running the show? Yes?”

Davidson: “No comment.”

Question 34:

Hastings: “Marcus Thurwell was SIO in the Lawrence Christopher murder inquiry. Now, we believe that he deliberately misled that inquiry to protect Darren Hunter – Tommy Hunter’s son – on the express orders of Tommy Hunter…”

Davidson: “No comment.”

The series finale of Line of Duty is on Sunday May 2 at 9pm on BBC One

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