Kate and Joanne Line Of Duty series six?

Line Of Duty: Fans convinced they’ve worked out H after The Caddy clue

Did you spot the set of golf clubs behind a desk

Line Of Duty series six returned last night (Sunday March 21), and already viewers are convinced they know who this season’s bad guy is.

The episode – the first of seven –  introduced fans to a new central character, a new case and caught up with all the main players, including Ted Hastings, Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming.

But the main question was: who is this series’ bad guy, or woman?

And already, some viewers have a theory.

Dot Cottan in Line Of Duty series one
Dot Cottan proved to be a wrong ‘un (Credit: BBC)

What happened in the first episode of Line Of Duty series six?

Throughout its six series, anti-corruption unit AC-12 has tried to expose and bring down bent coppers.

And, over the years, three members of the police force have been identified as members of an organised crime group.

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These criminals, or ‘H’, have included ACC Derek Hilton, Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan and legal counsel Gill Biggeloe.

One of them, Dot Cottan, was nicknamed ‘The Caddy’.

With only one more ‘H’ left to uncover, viewers were quick to spot a clue in last night’s episode.

What was the fan theory?

The episode not only introduced to new suspect DCI Joanne Davidson but also re-introduced a character from previous series.

In past series, Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells was associated with members of the organised crime group.

Buckells has also had a few run-ins with AC-12.

So, when he was seen being his usual shady self last night, viewers began to suspect that he might be involved.

And one viewer spotted a clue sitting behind his desk: a set of golf clubs.

Taking to Twitter, the fan said: “Another caddy.”

Kate and Joanne Line Of Duty series six?
Kate Fleming and Joanne Davidson in Line Of Duty (Credit: BBC)

How did viewers react?

Viewers were quick to share their thoughts on the theory.

One wrote on Twitter: “Well spotted!

“I missed that saw the resemblance in him with the last caddy, that’s what made me wonder!”

Another exclaimed: “Bloody hell. I missed that. Well spotted.”

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A third said: “I reckon it is him!”

However, a fourth disagreed: “Stereotypical dumb plod type who’s prepared to backstab to climb through the ranks & relies on subordinates to make him look good.

“Red herring. Happy to be proved wrong tho.”

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