Line Of Duty series 6: Top new theories after THAT cliffhanger in episode five

Where's it going to go from here?

Line Of Duty series 6 fans are abuzz with theories over where the story could go after the fifth episode ended with a nerve-wracking cliffhanger.

Ryan Pilkington finally outed himself as a bent copper and confronted Kate Fleming, while a horror-stuck Jo Davidson watched on.

We’re past the halfway mark in the series now, but what do people think is going on at this stage? Here are some of the top theories.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for episode five.

In Line of Duty series 6 Jo has been speaking to the OCG on her laptop (Credit: World Productions / BBC)

Line Of Duty theories: Jo’s contact and Kate’s shootout

Is Jo Davidson speaking to ‘H’?

Jo Davidson communicates with a mysterious OCG member via a laptop, just as John Corbett and Lisa McQueen did with ‘H’ in S5.

Is Jo also speaking to ‘H’? It seems likely. The individual is obviously a senior criminal. And they used the same incorrect spelling, ‘definately’, the shadowy leader used in the last series.

Kate had a shootout with bent copper Ryan (Credit: World Productions / BBC)

Will Kate survive?

Jo lured Kate to a secluded area where OCG member Ryan lay in wait. After a tense stand off, both aiming their guns, viewers heard two shots.

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Is Kate Fleming dead? A previous trailer suggests she survives, as it features footage of Kate and Jo standing in the same area and Kate has her hands up.

Who are Jo’s parents? (Credit: World Productions / BBC)

Is Jo a child of incest? Who are her parents?

A search of Sgt Farida Jatri’s house found Jo’s DNA was present – and it showed ‘homozygosity’. This means Jo’s biological parents were related.

Who is her father? There was a match with dead OCG leader Tommy Hunter. Could it be him? Or could Tommy’s father have sexually abused his sister, who then gave birth to Jo?

What’s Ted’s connection to Marcus? (Credit: World Productions / BBC)

Ted, Thurwell and The Fourth Man

Does Ted have a connection with Marcus Thurwell?

Retired officer Thurwell was part of the team that covered up what happened to black architect Christopher Lawrence. He died in police custody after cops racially abused him.

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Is there a connection with Supt Ted Hastings? Fellow Northern Irishman James Nesbitt plays him. One scene showed Ted gazing at a photo from his Royal Ulster Constabulary days.

James Nesbitt plays Marcus Thurwell (Credit: BBC)

Who is H/The Fourth Man?

The main contenders are Thurwell, CC Philip Osborne and DS Buckells.

AC-12 investigated Buckells, but he seemed too incompetent. Is it Marcus? He could be running things from Spain. Or is it Osborne? Both would benefit from Gail Vella’s murder. She was investigating Lawrence’s death. Osborne and Buckells were also part of the cover-up.

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