Line of Duty season 6 finale

Line of Duty season 6 finale: 5 endings that viewers thought would have been much better!

The BBC show's denouement upset a lot of fans

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When Line of Duty season 6 came to an end, it became one of the most watched episodes of television in decades.

It seemed the entire country was talking about it, but they weren’t necessarily saying nice things!

The finale has received some backlash from fans, with many unhappy with how everything was tied up in the end.

There’s been criticism that the plot felt “rushed”, while others didn’t like who turned out to be H.

With that in mind, here’s all the endings that fans have suggested would have made more sense.

Ian Buckells Line of Duty
Fans weren’t happy with the Line of Duty season 6 finale reveal (Credit: BBC)

1. Jackie Laverty coming back ‘from the dead’

Some fans wanted murdered Jackie Laverty to be unmasked as H. Imagine that the dastardly business woman had faked her own death and had been living in Spain with James Nesbitt’s character?

Totally ridiculous, and yet somehow seems entirely appropriate.

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2. DC Chloe Bishop being revealed as Tony Gates’ daughter

Chloe was only in the show for a series, but she quickly became a favourite among fans.

One viewer had hoped that the lacklustre ending could have been changed by a big reveal that exposed Chloe as DCI Tony Gates’ daughter.

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3. Kate getting fatally shot

With season 7 up in the air, some viewers had hoped for a blockbuster finale where everything was at stake.

Just like when Lindsay Denton’s death stunned fans, one viewer shared their frustration that Kate managed to escape the stand-off with Ryan.

They argued this would have added some much-needed weight to the finale. As a result, they also suggested that Osborne should have been revealed as H.

4. An ‘urgent exit required’ blow-up

The season six finale was a little low-key for some viewers’ liking.

Instead, some wished they had taken a leaf out of season 3 when Dot sent a text with Line of Duty’s most iconic phrase, ending the season in a huge blow-out in the middle of AC-12.

5. Patricia Carmichael being exposed as H

Patricia seemed bent from the get-go, and had been built up as a villain throughout the season. One viewer had hoped she turned out not not only be H, but also the daughter of the Chief Constable.

Both had been hinted as being H along the way, so why not have them team up to take on AC-12? After painting her as a villain for so long it’s clear there was a missed opportunity there.

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Many fans were disappointed that Ian Buckells was unveiled as the final ‘H’ in episode’s final few minutes.

Following the revelation, viewers took to social media to air their shock and frustration at learning their identity.

“It would have been better if H from Steps was H rather than Ian bloody Buckells,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Turns out ‘AC’ stands for anti-climax,” joked another.

** This article, originally published on May 5, was update on June 16 to make it less time-specific.

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