Line of Duty DCI Patricia Carmichael

Line of Duty ‘most hated’ DCI Patricia Carmichael: 10 funniest tweets about the sneering cop we wish we’d come up with!

If loving her is wrong, we don't want to be right!

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Line of Duty gave us a fabulous most-hated figure in the form of Ryan ‘ratty’ Pilkington for a few weeks in series 6, but he’s dead now and the world is fickle – “NEXT!” – so step forward DCI Patricia Carmichael and take the crown.

Bent or bitch? Who knows… but we are really enjoying all the tweets from raging/frightened/enamoured viewers.

Carmichael line of duty
DCI Patricia Carmichael – love her or loathe her you can’t ignore her (Credit: BBC)

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1. That face. THAT SMUG FACE.

2. Is Carmichael even born of flesh?

3. Snark in training

4. Monday blues

5. Taking Umbridge with Carmichael

line of duty DCI Carmichael episode six
Is Line of Duty DCI Patricia Carmichael a bent copper or just a be-atch? (Credit: BBC)

6. Coincidence?

7. Giving Carmichael Face

8. BoJo’s breather

9. Eau de Bent Copper

10. Tragedy!

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