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Line of Duty finale: Bitterly disappointed fans share their anger as others rejoice in its genius

Whatever side of the argument, people have a lot to say about it

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The Line of Duty finale has well and truly polarised viewers. Those seduced by the shoot-outs and high-octane car chases, who invested in the H hype, feel let down by what they regard as the anti-climactic reveal of Buckells being ‘the fourth man’.

On the other side of the coin, many viewers appreciated the painful subtlety – a mirror being held up to society, where institutionalised corruption is often mundane and carried out by banal little men. And allowed to thrive through fear and ineptitude…

Here’s what both camps had to say about the Line of Duty finale…

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Ted Hastings in episode six of Line Of Duty
Ted himself was disappointed in the Line of Duty finale (Credit: BBC)

Viewers who hated the Line of Duty finale

“I’ve woken up still angry.”

“Good morning to everyone except Jed Mercurio.”

“People actually surprised that Jed Mercurio wrote another ludicrous ending.”

“It would have been better if H from Steps was H rather than Ian bloody Buckells.”

“Turns out “AC” stands for anti-climax.”

“Not just disappointing! A huge disappointment.”

“Think Jed Mercurio forgot we watch him for big explosive finales not this cop-out.”

Viewers who loved the Line of Duty finale

“Tremendous piece of work.”

“Had me on the edge of my seat.”

“A lifelike and genius ending.”

“Buckells was the ‘perfect’ fourth man.”

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