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Line of Duty: Bookies’ favourite for Jo Davidson’s relative and it’s NOT John Corbett!

Who have you got your eye on?

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Line of Duty fans have a clearer idea of who Jo Davidson’s relative is after bookies issued odds on the suspects, but John Corbett is not the favourite.

The hit BBC crime drama left viewers on the edge of their seats on Sunday night (April 11) with a stonking cliffhanger.

Suspected bent copper Jo Davidson’s DNA (Kelly MacDonald) matched with someone else on the nominal database – a blood relative.

So who is it, what are the clues and what do the bookies say?

Jo Davdison Line Of Duty
Who did Jo’s DNA match? Many fans think John Corbett but bookies have a different idea (Credit: BBC)

Who are the suspects in Line Of Duty?

Online bookies Betfair issued the odds and the list reads like a who’s who of wrong ‘uns from the past five series of Line Of Duty.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Line of Duty fans are obsessed with finding out who Jo Davidson is related to – and mother of god, it is the show’s original baddie Tommy Hunter who is leading the way in the betting at 2/1, closely followed by John Corbett at 5/2.

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“Further down, the likes of fellow Scots Mike Dryden and Derek Hilton are at 4/1 and 12/1 respectively, while everyone’s favourite bent copper Dot Cottan is way out at 25/1.”

Let’s run through the main suspects…

Tommy Hunter Line Of Duty
Tommy was head of the OCG (Credit: BBC)

Tommy Hunter (odds: 2/1 favourite)


Tommy Hunter was the leader of the OCG and paedophile who first appeared in series one.

Embroiled in the Tony Gates case, he ruled the fictional city Line Of Duty is set in.

Although he died in series two, Glaswegian Hunter’s name has been mentioned throughout the whole story of Line Of Duty.

What are the clues?

When Steve Arnott told Ted Hastings about the blood relative, he said ‘he’.

And the fact Tommy Hunter is Scottish means that Jo could be a relative, especially as series six seems to be going back to previous series to tie things up.

Stephen Graham kept us all guessing as undercover cop John Corbett in series five (Credit: BBC One)
Stephen Graham kept us all guessing as undercover Line of Duty cop John Corbett in series five (Credit: BBC One)

John Corbett (odds: 5/2)


John Corbett (Stephen Graham) appeared in series five as an undercover operative trying to bring down the OCG from the inside.

He also had it in for Ted Hastings, convinced that he could be a mysterious ‘H’ figure.

John’s story ended brutally when Ryan Pilkington slit his throat.

Tragically, he left behind a wife, Steph, and two daughters.

What are the clues?

In episode one of this series, Jo was seen throwing a glass of wine at a photograph.

In that photograph was a young Jo and another, older woman, who many speculate could be her mother.

Fans have also speculated that the woman in the photograph looked a lot like John’s mother, Anne-Marie McGillis.

Anne-Marie and Ted Hastings were close in Belfast during The Troubles, before Anne-Marie – an informant – was murdered by an Irish Paramilitary group.

Could John and Jo be sisters?

Elizabeth Rider as DCC Andrea Wise (Credit: BBC)

Andrea Wise (odds: 8/1)


The current Deputy Chief Constable, Andra took over from Mike Drydon after he died.

She’s currently giving Ted Hastings a hard time and has forced him into early retirement.

Despite huge cases of corruption in the force, she has always fronted up to the public, telling them that the police is free of corruption.

What are the clues?

The very fact that she took over from Dryden (a confirmed wrong ‘un) and has always played down corruption in the force.

A younger Wise may also be the woman in Jo Davidson’s family photo.

Derek Hilton Line Of Duty
Hilton was a wrong ‘un (Credit: BBC)

Derek Hilton (odds: 12/1)


Derek Hilton was a former Chief Superintendant and Assistant Chief Constable.

He was also unmasked as one of the four corrupt police officers with links to organised crime.

Hilton originally appeared in series one, but was reintroduced in series four but later died.

Although his death was badged a suicide, the method (gunshot wound to the head) is also connected to OCG killings.

What are the clues?

He’s Scottish, for a start.

It’s also pretty clear that Jo Davidson is being blackmailed by the OCG.

What if having a father like Hilton is enough for the group to get its hooks into her?

Dot Cottan in Line Of Duty series one
Dot Cottan proved to be a wrong ‘un (Credit: BBC)

Who are the other suspects?

Betfair also named the likes of Mike Dryden (4/1), Jackie Laverty (9/1), Lindsay Denton (10/1), Gill Biggeloe (16/1) and Danny Waldron (33/1) as potential DNA matches.

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And there’s always fan favourite Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan – the former ‘caddie’ came in at 25/1.

What’s our theory?

After Googling what ‘nominal database’ actually is, the smart money would be on Hunter, rather than any of the shady coppers.

It refers to people who have been “cautioned, reprimanded, warned or arrested for an offence”.

Now, while we know people on this database can get onto the force – see Ryan Pilkington – it’s unlikely to be any of the suspects in the upper echelons of the force here.

But this is Line of Duty, so anything goes!

Episode five of Line of Duty is on Sunday April 18 at 9pm on BBC One

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