Linda Robson reveals why she takes a bath in front of 25-year-old son

Birds Of A Feather star reveals all... literally

One of the topics on today’s Loose Women was bathing, and during the conversation Linda Robson gave us all a rather vivid insight into her domestic life.

The Birds Of A Feather star, 59, revealed that she leaves the bathroom door open while she enjoys her regular soak, giving her kids free rein to come in and out as they please.

Nothing wrong with that, you might say – except, well, Linda’s offspring aren’t exactly ‘kids’ any more.

And her confession divided viewers, with one party insisting the actress’s washroom habits are perfectly natural, and the other practically vomiting at the thought.

Linda didn’t hold back when it came to confessing her bathroom habits (Credit: ITV)

Mum-of-three Linda told her fellow panellists: “I never close my bathroom door, because if i get in the bath, someone will knock on the door and want something, so I leave it open.

“My kids are forever in and out the whole time. My son Louis came in last night and I was in the bath.”

At that point, Gloria Hunniford asked the Londoner how old Louis is, and Linda replied: “Louis is 25.”

Her admission prompted awkward laughter from the audience, but the giggling turned to cheering when she explained: “I think it’s important that they see what real women look like!”

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And the mixed emotions continued on social media, with viewers taking different sides on the subject.

One fan scoffed: “So Linda doesn’t mind her 25 year old son walking in on her in the bath?”, accompanying their comment with a series of ‘vomiting’ emojis.

Linda Robson/Instagram
Linda says her 25-year-old son Louis sees her in the bath (Credit: Linda Robson/Instagram)

But another viewer was adamant that Linda had done nothing wrong, and even admitted that they did a similar thing.

They wrote: “Myself, 28, & my mum, 57, are forever naked at home. It’s not weird. It’s a body.

“I came out of that body. I spray tan naked bodies for a living! Argue me that?”

And the bathing confession wasn’t Linda’s only bombshell on today’s show. In another segment, she told Gloria, Nadia Sawalha and Christine Lampard that she keeps her deceased relatives’ ashes in her UNDERWEAR DRAWER.

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She admitted: “‘I keep all my ashes in my knicker drawer. They’re all in little bags – I’ve got my stepdad, my dogs… they’re all safe in there.”

As the old saying goes, each to their own!