Linda Robson emotional as she reveals battle with OCD and depression during Loose Women return

She revealed she was having four baths a day at one point

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Linda Robson made her return to Loose Women today after taking a break from the spotlight.

The star explained she needed to take a break from the daytime show and spotlight after struggling with a severe OCD condition.

Linda, 61, said she had OCD which saw her having up to four baths a day and washing her bedding every day.

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She explained: “I was having a meltdown. I came off the wine, and I used to take a tablet to help me sleep every night. When I came off the wine, I upped the tablet, and then I got concerned about taking the tablet.

“So I went to see somebody about it and they gave me a tablet – I won’t mention the name but I had a really bad reaction to it, a proper meltdown.

“I got really bad anxiety, really bad depression, and my OCD kicked into overdrive.”

Linda revealed she was taking “four baths” each day as she suffered with her obsessive-compulsive disorder.

She added: “At one point, I was having four baths a day, I was washing my bedding every day.

Linda Robson on Loose Women
Linda said her OCD “kicked into overdrive” (Credit: ITV)

“People joke when they hear someone saying about OCD they think it’d a bit of a joke or whatever, but it’s not actually a joke, it took over my life. I couldn’t clean everything enough.”

Speaking about drinking to cope with her disorder, Linda said she was “drinking anything to black out”.

She said: “I just didn’t want to be facing the day, I couldn’t face getting through the day.”

Revealing why the police were called to her home, Linda explained: “Because I was drinking, [my family] were locking me in and I was shouting out of the door, ‘someone let me out’ and the police were called. I think they thought I had been kidnapped.”

I got really bad anxiety, really bad depression, and my OCD kicked into overdrive.

Linda revealed she went into rehab for six weeks but she came out on more medication.

She said: “They keep upping the medication. But you have to come down slowly [to come off the medication] so it took a long time for me to get back to feeling normal.”

Commenting on her recovery, Linda – who revealed she was drinking to “self-medicate” before seeking treatment and hasn’t drank alcohol in 11 months – noted there wasn’t a quick fix but she felt like she was “finally” out the other side.

She admitted: “If you’d ever told me, I’d always been really positive. [There’s been no quick fix], it’s been a long, long time. Touch wood, I’m finally there!”

Linda revealed she was drinking to “self-medicate” (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were thrilled to have Linda back on the programme and offered her support.

One person said: “Linda is so inspirational to other people that are going through what she’s gone through! Every one is proud of you that you can openly speak about what you’ve gone through.”

Another wrote: “Welcome back Linda so sorry to hear of your illness hope you are fine now well done on coming on the show to explain what’s being going on.”

A third tweeted: “Well done Linda for getting help your such a lovely inspirational women. Wish you all the best. Loose women you are a great family.”

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