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Linda Nolan tells sisters cancer has spread on At Home With The Nolans

She breaks the news to Coleen and the others in their Quest Red show

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Linda Nolan tells her sisters her cancer has spread in tonight’s episode of the family’s reality series.

During Tuesday (December 14) evening’s instalment of At Home With The Nolans, Linda gets the results of her cancer appointment – and breaks the heartbreaking news to her siblings.

Presenter Coleen Nolan and her sisters Anne and Denise arrange to meet Linda and Maureen after the appointment at Linda’s favourite bar for a socially distanced drink.

Linda Nolan and her sisters
Nolan sisters Anne, Maureen, Linda and Denise in their series At Home With The Nolans (Credit: Quest Red)

What happens on At Home With The Nolans?

Anne says: “Linda is getting her results today, so Coleen, Denise and myself have arranged to meet her and Maureen and her favourite cocktail bar to hear the results.”

After arriving, Linda breaks the bad news to them, saying: “Well I have to sit down and tell you that it’s not good news. The tumour’s in my liver, some of them have gone but some of them have got a bit bigger.”

Anne Nolan (right) in shock as Linda shares her bad news (Credit: Quest Red)

What does Linda tell her sisters?

She fights back tears as she talks her sisters through the next steps.

“I have to have more chemo,” she says, pausing to compose herself. “[The tumours] have minutely got bigger.”

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Anne, in shock, says: “I’m just so upset because I thought it was going to be good news.”

And Linda, vowing to remain positive, says: “It’s good news in that they can still treat it. We might have a little cry, and then we’ll have a little laugh, because we always do that. But as long as we have a piña colada at the end of it, we’ll be fine!”

I’m living with cancer, that’s what I’m doing. It’s not going to beat me.

Similarly, Loose Women and Real Full Monty star Coleen is determined to stay positive.

Coleen says: “I think we have to continue to always try and find the positive. We do grasp opportunities now to spend more time together and to live life and enjoy it for however long we’ve got.”

Coleen Nolan is determined to stay upbeat (Credit: Quest Red)

Defiant Linda vows cancer will ‘have a hard fight’

In her defiant final word on the matter, Linda vows that cancer will not take control of her life.

She says: “I’m living with cancer, that’s what I’m doing. It’s not going to beat me. If it does get me eventually, it’ll have had a hard fight, I’ll tell you that!”

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Later, in her bid to not let her illness get the better of her, Linda reveals she has had some success using dating apps.

“I’m actually talking to four gentlemen,” she informs her sisters, before a fifth match comes through. “It’s good fun, flirting a little bit on the phone!”

– At Home With The Nolans continues on Tuesday (December 15) at 10pm on Quest Red. It is also available to stream on discovery+

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