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Life on BBC One: Will Hannah marry Liam or choose Andy?

Will Hannah go with her head or her heart? Choose Andy please!

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Life on BBC One continued tonight (Tuesday October 27 2020) and left viewers wondering if Hannah will go through with her marriage to Liam.

New mum Hannah, played by former Coronation Street star Melissa Johns, is torn between her fiancé Liam and Andy, the father of her daughter Evie.

Her head tells her to stick with Liam (boo, hiss!), but her heart is telling her to dump Liam and be with Andy (yah!).

***Warning: spoilers from episode five ahead***

Life Hannah Liam and Andy
Hannah must choose between Andy and Liam in Life Credit: BBC One)

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If she stays with Liam, wouldn’t she be making the same mistake as her neighbour Gail?

Viewers know Gail is unhappily married to disgraced doctor Henry, played by Peter Davison.

In episode five, Gail returns with a new stance on life, David finally finds the truth about Saira and Kelly, Belle’s sister comes home, and Hannah grapples with indecision at her hen party.

Here’s what we want to know ahead of next week’s finale…

Will Hannah marry Liam?

Hannah has reassured her fiancé Liam that she’s in love with him and wants to marry him.

But viewers know she’s been having serious doubts.

She clearly has feelings for Andy, the father of her daughter Evie.

Hannah’s wedding to Liam is fast approaching, though…

During her hen do, the new mum discovers that Andy and his girlfriend have split up and that he’s planning to move to New York.

She finds the opportunity to slip away and confront Andy about abandoning their daughter Evie.

He tells her he doesn’t feel he’s needed as she’s marrying Liam.

She asks him if there’s any reason why she shouldn’t marry Liam, and Andy clams up – ARGH!

Will the pair see sense and reveal their true feelings for each other before it’s too late and Hannah is married to someone else?

Life BBC
Hannah discovers that Andy is single during her hen do in Life (Credit: BBC One)

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Who plays Hannah’s mum in BBC One’s Life?

Hannah’s mum arrives for Hannah’s super awkward hen do.

Her first words to her daughter are about her weight.

She says: “I thought you were going to lose weight for the wedding?” Harsh!

Actress Maggie O’Neill plays Hannah’s mum Wendy.

Viewers will recognise her as Yvonne Duchy in The Split, Suzy in EastEnders and Sheila Gallagher in Shameless.

Maggie O'Neill is Wendy in BBC One's Life
Maggie O’Neill is Wendy in BBC One’s Life (Credit: BBC One)

Will Gail stay with Henry until he dies?

Gail returns home as a new woman after her brief hiatus away from her stifling husband Henry.

She has a funky new haircut and a bright new wardrobe full of fuchsia pink instead of the old beige clothes.

Despite meeting a man on a dating app, she decides to go back to Henry and nurse him during his cancer battle.

Immediately Henry accuses her of chosing the wrong moment to “completely change her personality”.

He tells her he doesn’t like her clothes or hair.

In fact, he tells Gail he doesn’t like the new her at all, calls her childish and says he hates the “sickening emotional outpouring”.

She says: “I feel like me now, I’m happy.”

Will Gail change back to please Henry? Or will they split up before he dies?

Peter Davison Life
Peter Davison plays horrid Henry in BBC One’s Life (Credit: BBC One)

Will Belle get drunk and make a scene at Neil’s wedding?

Belle is drinking heavily and hiding it – even filling a water bottle with vodka.

She arrives at an interview blind drunk and embarrasses herself.

Meanwhile, her sister Ruth is discharged from the clinic where she’d been recuperating after her suicide attempt.

We discover why Belle hides her emotions unless she’s drunk.

She’s always had to look after her sister, had to nurse their dying mum, and has paid her sister’s rent for 20 years.

Belle insists on attending her ex-husband Neil’s wedding, admitting “free drink and the company of my ex-husband make me happy”.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster to us! Poor Belle.

Ruth is back and trying to help her sister through her inner battles (Credit: BBC One)

Will David confront Saira?

David starts digging into Saira’s past and discovers she asked to be moved into his English class – not a coincidence as she’d originally claimed.

He finds out she has family in Liverpool and starts to put two and two together.

His late wife Kelly died in Liverpool and he’d never known why she was there…

He also starts to question his belief in God.

Realising Kelly knew Saira, he makes the bizarre decision to invite Saira to Hannah and Liam’s wedding.

Will he confront Saira at the wedding?

Is it just us, or are David and Belle forming an unlikely friendship in Life? (Credit: BBC One)

Who sings the soundtrack to BBC One’s Life?

Elbow singer Guy Garvey sings My Angel, the theme to BBC One drama Life.

Talking to NME, Guy said: “Mike Bartlett had offered Rach [Stirling] a role in the show. I’d admired his writing, how he finds the extraordinary in the ordinary.

“I met Mike through [my wife] Rach and asked him: ‘Who’s doing the music?’

“Mike said, ‘I’m not even kidding, we were about to approach you’. It was a lovely meeting of minds.”

Guy Garvey is married to Diana Rigg’s daughter Rachael Stirling, who plays the ghost of Kelly.

Life concludes on Tuesday November 3 2020. The whole series is currently available to watch on iPlayer.

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