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Life BBC: Viewers praise Alison Steadman for Gail’s drunken dancing scene

Some praised Alison Steadman's acting 'masterclass'

Life continued on BBC One last night and a scene featuring Alison Steadman‘s character, Gail, got viewers talking on social media.

In the second episode of the drama, aired yesterday (Tuesday, October 6), Gail was living with her husband Henry (Peter Davison) after deciding to stay with him, following his terminal cancer diagnosis.

Gail had planned to leave because she’s unhappy in their marriage, but when she found out about his cancer, she gritted her teeth and put her plans on hold.

Gail in Life on BBC One
In Life on BBC One, Gail had planned to leave her husband Henry (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Gail in episode two of BBC drama Life?

Last night’s episode saw Henry admit to having a two-year affair with one of their friends, Helen, 20 years ago.

It was right before a party and as Helen was going to be there, Henry wanted Gail to know.

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While at the party, Gail knocked back drinks as she reflected on their sour relationship, which to others always seemed like a happy marriage.

Watching a younger woman on the dance floor made her want to throw away her inhibitions and dance the night away – so she did!

The scene showed Gail flailing her arms and nodding her head to the song Titanium.

Gail in Life on BBC One
Life viewers loved watching Gail dance to Titanium (Credit: BBC)

What did Life viewers say about the drunken dancing scene?

On Twitter, a number of viewers joked that Gail’s drunken dancing was a total “mood” and “vibe”.

One said: “Alison Steadman dancing to Titanium on #Life is a total vibe.”

Alison Steadman is so authentic I can feel the pain and emotions she portrays.

Another wrote: “Alison Steadman drunkenly dancing to Titanium on #Life is a moment. She’s a legend.”

“Alison Steadman dancing to Titanium in #Life is the mood we all need,” joked a third.

Praise for Alison Steadman’s acting ‘masterclass’

Others had to praise Alison’s acting skills after the end of the scene, which saw her confront her belittling husband Henry.

While dancing, she noticed Henry and others, including his former lover Helen, laughing at her.

Storming up to Henry, she shouted at him and demanded he stop.

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One viewer reacted: “#Life #bbc such a good series. The acting is top quality. Alison Steadman is so authentic I can feel the pain and emotions she portrays. I’m sure people can relate to her situation.”

Someone else tweeted: “#life #BBC two episodes in and I’m completely hooked. Alison Steadman is giving an acting masterclass.”

“Loving #Life on @BBCOne!” wrote another, adding: “Cracking performances from everyone, especially the brilliant Alison Steadman! Might just treat myself to a binge watch on @BBCiPlayer! #Hooked.”

– Life continues on Tuesday (October 13) at 9pm on BBC One

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