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Life on BBC1: Does Gail have a new man? And other burning questions after episode four

Neil's fiancée looked very familiar, while Belle threatened to expose Saira's secret

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Life on BBC One continued tonight (Tuesday October 20 2020) with more twists and turns – including Belle’s dramatic meltdown.

Episode four of the Doctor Foster spin-off Life left us with more unanswered questions.

Here’s what we thought about the latest episode…

Hannah Life BBC One
Hannah is torn between two men – but will she make the right choice? (Credit: BBC)

What happened in episode four of BBC One’s Life?

In episode four of this addictive drama series, we saw Henry grapple with the consequences of Gail’s decision.

Now alone, he struggles without her but appears to be seeing the error of his ways.

Also, Liam throws a horribly awkward dinner party, and David and Saira’s relationship takes a turn.

Finally, Neil makes Belle an unexpected offer.

Who plays Neil’s pregnant fiancée Julia?

Emily Head guest stars as Neil’s pregnant fiancée Julia in episode four.

Julia is wealthy and in her thirties and wants to help Neil make amends with his ex-wife Belle.

Neil admits Belle didn’t get enough in their divorce and subsequently offers her more money as a peace offering.

Belle finds this humiliating, but eventually accepts as she’s broke.

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Emily, 31, is the daughter of actor Anthony Head.

Her breakout role was as Carli D’Amato in E4‘s sitcom The Inbetweeners.

She later played Rebecca White in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale.

Emily Head as Julia in Life on BBC One
Emily Head guest stars as Julia in Life on BBC One (Credit: BBC)

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Will Belle tell David who Saira really is in BBC One’s Life?

Belle is the only person who knows who Saira really is.

Viewers know that Saira was in love with Simon’s late wife Kelly and the pair had an affair.

Although Simon now knows his wife had an affair, he does not know it was with Saira – who he is now dating.

Yes, it’s complicated!

After a few too many bevvies, Belle confronts Saira and tells her she knows her secret – which leads to Saira breaking up with David.

But will Belle tell David the truth?

Will Hannah marry Liam?

Hannah is two days away from marrying Liam, who seems to be as controlling as Gail’s husband Henry.

It’s clear Hannah has feelings for Evie’s dad Andy.

During an excruciating evening, Liam demands to know the truth about Andy and Hannah – do they still have feelings for each after after their one night stand 10 months ago?

Hannah denies any attraction to Andy, sealing her love for Liam with a kiss.

But will she actually marry Liam and bury her evident feelings for Andy? Please no Hannah!

Belle BBC One Life
Belle loses the plot in BBC One drama Life (Credit: BBC)

Will Belle get help in Life on BBC One?

In episode four of BBC One’s Life, Belle sinks to a new low.

The reappearance of her ex-husband with a young, pretty fiancée sends her spiralling out of control.

She turns to her best mate alcohol, and gets very drunk.

Inebriated, she calls Neil and hopes to seduce him into sleeping with her.

She’s shattered when he turns her down.

She kicks him out of the house, kicking and screaming at him.

The commotion brings all her neighbours out – and she abuses them one by one, before her niece Maya arrives to calm things down.

Will Belle get the help she needs to combat her drink problem and be the auntie her niece Maya needs her to be?

Has Gail got a new man?

At the end of episode four, Henry tracks Gail down in the hope that apologies and flowers will win her back.

But when he waits outside her accommodation, he sees her with another man.

Gail looks sensational with a new haircut and stylish clothes.

Has she found a new man?

And is he linked to the silver locket necklace she’s been wearing?

Gail’s mysterious new man Tom is played by Simon Rouse.

Viewers will recognise him as DCI Jack Meadows in The Bill, Len Danvers in Broadchurch and Graham Farrell in Corrie.

Hannah Taylor BBC Life
Melissa Johns stars as Hannah Taylor in BBC One’s Life (Credit: BBC)

Who plays Hannah Taylor?

Melissa Johns stars as Hannah.

She played Imogen Pascoe in Coronation Street from 2017 to 2019.

Before that, she starred in Doctors, Silk, Casualty and The Interceptor as Sadie.

Herefordshire-born Melissa was born without a right forearm and hand.

In 2018, Melissa’s smartphone was hacked and intimate photos were released.

She turned the situation into a positive, and used it to speak out against body shaming and combat taboos around disability, sex and body dysmorphia.

Life continues on Tuesdays on BBC One. All the episodes are currently available to watch on iPlayer.

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