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Life BBC: Viewers hail new BBC drama as ‘brilliant television’

Viewers say the new BBC drama makes for fantastic viewing

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Life BBC delighted Brits nationwide as it premiered on Tuesday night.

The drama is a Doctor Foster spin-off and has a stellar cast.

However, only one of the original characters remains – Victoria Hamilton’s Anna.

The new series aims to explore loneliness in a major city.

life bbc
Victoria Hamilton returns as Doctor Foster character Anna (Credit: BBC)

What is Life on BBC about?

It takes place in a grand house in Manchester divided into four flats.

The neighbours don’t know one another well – but soon their lives become intertwined.

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Victoria Hamilton is joined by the likes of Adrian Lester, Saira Choudhry, Alison Steadman, Peter Davison and Melissa Johns.

So far, viewers can’t get enough of it.

Dozens flocked to Twitter to share how fantastic they found the opening episode.

life bbc premiere
Viewers think the new BBC drama is ‘brilliant’

What are viewers saying about Life?

One viewer commended This Morning for recommending it, tweeting: “Wow
@Schofe @hollywills were right #Life on @BBC tonight was brilliant. Can’t wait for next week’s episode now.”

Another viewer tweeted: “#BBC #Life… absolutely wonderful. Painful to watch in parts but so skilfully written and acted. Powerful!”

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Whereas a third viewer shared: “@BBC #Life was a stunning piece of drama. Cast is superb. #AlisonSteadman #VictoriaHamilton @AdrianLester, all brilliant . Tension , humour , emotion. True too.
Life does happen!”

And a fourth viewers gushed: “#Life BBC one Absolutely Brilliant Television. Alison Steadman was amazing.”

life bbc alison steadman
Did Alison Steadman steal the show?

When is the next episode of Life on the BBC?

A further viewer praised Peter Davison’s performance with: “Less than ten minutes for new Peter D being amazing on BBC One! I’m so ready for this! #Life.”

Writer Mike Bartlett says he was inspired to create the drama after his own experiences.

Speaking to the BBC, he explained: “I used to live in a flat which was part of an old house that had been divided up, and I was amazed that we were all one stud wall away from each other, but didn’t really know each other.

“We would hear the most intimate details of each other’s sex lives and love lives, and yet you’d meet in the corridor, and you wouldn’t exchange two words.”

He went on to say: “We are desperate for connection, and yet so often we end up feeling alone, particularly in big cities, so I wanted to write about that.”

The second episode of Life will air next Tuesday on BBC One at 9pm.

However, each episode of the series is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.

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