Liar viewers were left outraged and confused by the latest episode

Many fans think there's another twist to come

Last night’s episode of gripping ITV drama, Liar, finally revealed who had been fibbing about what happened in Laura Nielsen’s flat after she invited Andrew Earlham up to call a taxi.

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Or did it? Fans were left feeling both outraged and baffled after the third episode of the sexual assault drama appeared to reveal  it’s hunky surgeon, Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd), who’s been lying.

In the first episode of the hit show, fans saw teacher Laura (Joanne Froggatt) wake up confused after a date with Andrew.

Discovering herself fully-clothed,  but minus her knickers, Laura realised Andrew had raped her and reported him to the police.

Andrew denied the claims, admitting they’d had sex, but saying it was consensual.

Laura became obsessed with Andrew, convinced he’d drugged her, after finding two wine glasses in her dishwasher.

She even broke into his house in an attempt to find some incriminating evidence that he’d put something in her drink.

Last night’s episode showed the police telling Andrew that the Crime Prosecution Service wouldn’t be following up Laura’s claims as there wasn’t enough evidence.

This came after a former colleague of Laura’s revealed to the police that Laura had previously dropped a sexual harassment claim against him.

Then, in a flashback to the night of the rape, viewers watched as Andrew dropped two drops of something into one of the wine glasses he was holding.

And that’s when things got a bit confusing.

Some people didn’t think that the big reveal could possibly be made on the third episode of a six-part series, and were certain that it wasn’t a date rape drug that Andrew had used.

There was a lot of speculation that he’d slipped something into his own drink to, erm, help him perform if sex was on the menu.

There was also some suggestion that Laura had accidentally sipped from his Andrew’s glass and the combination of whatever he’d dropped in there – and her anti-depressant medication – caused her confusion over events.

Later in the episode, we saw Andrew visit a lawyer and enquire about suing Laura for defamation of character. We also saw Laura’s missing earring (which was last seen when Andrew discovered it on his bedroom floor following her break-in) dangling from a soft toy in her living room.

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It left most viewers convinced that Andrew had broken into Laura’s house, to scare her, following the DI’s off-the-record warning to Laura that she believed him to be a dangerous man.

Fans predicted, when they realised there are still another three episodes to go, that there will be at least one more major plot twist.

And with so many loose-ends dangling in the wind – Tom and Katy’s affair, Callum’s secret girlfriend, what did happen to Andrew’s wife – we have to agree.

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