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Liar viewers split over final episode

We finally know who killed Andrew Earlham but not everyone is happy about it

Last night’s episode of ITV drama Liar finally revealed it was indeed Laura Neilson who killed rapist Andrew Earlham – but his ‘friend’ Oliver Graham took the fall with Laura getting away scot-free.

Liar Laura Credit ITV
Laura got away with murder in Liar (Credit: ITV)

But not everyone was happy with one viewer calling the ending ‘far-fetched and ridiculous’. A second unimpressed fan said ‘so we waited three long years to find out she did it anyway?’. A third called the show ‘nonsense’.

Plenty of viewers enjoyed Liar with one calling the series a ‘masterclass in acting’ and another saying it was ‘fabulous’ and ‘compelling’.

After six weeks of twists and turns and jumping back and forth in time, Oliver, who had been helping Andrew frame Laura for his ‘murder’ to protect his own dirty secret from coming out, found himself behind bars charged with doing away with the evil doctor.

He had planted evidence at Laura’s flat and bribed Detective Maxwell with his son’s drug past to make him tamper with Laura’s sat nav so it looked as if she had been at the ‘crime scene’ – a lock-up at the boatyard.

Framing Laura

Andrew had been planning on disappearing for good, faking his own death, and framing Laura, but ended up dead when his plan went wrong and she attacked him in self-defence.

Oliver, who Andrew had been bribing with footage of his own rape crime, continued to ‘frame’ Laura.

But viewers were left in dark over whether he knew she was the real killer or not.

Oliver’s web of deceit unraveled and Laura managed to prove he had been trying to frame her.

But at the end of the episode, we finally saw how Laura killed Andrew.

And in a conversation with Laura, DI Renton admitted she still thought Laura was the murderer but was walking away from the case.

‘One series too many’

Many viewers felt they had invested too much time in watching the show but had to see it through to the end.

One tweeted: “I think the true mystery of this series is not who killed Andrew, it’s how on earth us viewers found the mental capacity to tune in week after week.”

Others said writers should have left it at series one, with some viewers saying they’d got to the point where they didn’t care who the culprit was anymore!

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