Liar: Viewers slam “far-fetched” second series – and Katherine Kelly’s cop character

They are not impressed

Andrew Earlham may be dead and gone, but he’s still haunting the characters of Liar as the hunt for his killer intensifies.

That battle to find the murderer hasn’t won over everyone though.

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DI Karen Renton (Katherine Kelly) had first suspected Laura Nielson (Joanne Froggatt) was behind Andrew’s murder (Credit: ITV)

Last week, Laura, who was serial rapist Andrew’s victim in the first series, fell under suspicion of tough new cop Karen Renton for the murder and was arrested.

In the second episode, Laura (Joanna Froggatt) was released from custody, and left wondering who she could trust after the spotlight turned onto her partner Ian (Kieran Bew).

The pair had enjoyed a whirlwind romance, but it seemed all was not as perfect as we had been led to believe.

Liam Sutcliffe (Richie Campbell) was back on the scene in episode two (Credit: ITV)

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The problem for many viewers was Katherine Kelly’s tough cop DI Renton.

One wrote on Twitter: “I feel like switching off Katherine Kelly’s portrayal of a modern day DI is frankly laughable Totally spoils this programme.”

Another said: “Too far fetched, storyline all over the place, no idea if we are in past or present and Katherine Kelly’s character is ridiculous…. a long way off series 1.”

Yet another tweeted: “I absolutely loved the first series of #Liar but this second series is just so ridiculously farfetched and unrealistic, I can’t get into it at all!

Laura’s struggle is far from over (Credit: ITV)

And that character wasn’t the only problem viewers had.

“Too far fetched, storyline all over the place, no idea if we are in past or present and Katherine Kelly’s character is ridiculous.”

Some thought that Andrew’s attempt to disguise himself – using just a baseball bat to pass unrecognised – were less than realistic.

“So Earlham puts on a baseball cap and he is instantly unrecognisable?” one tweeted.

Not everyone hated it though. One viewer tweeted about what an excellent villain Andrew, played by Ioan Gruffadd, made. “@ioangruffudd makes a brilliant baddie, so so good!” they tweeted.

Carl (Howard Peterson) was acting strangely (Credit: ITV)

Some were still sufficiently captivated to speculate about who might be responsible for killing Andrew.

“I still think it’s Rory,” one viewer tweeted, referring to DS Rory Maxwell (Danny Webb) who investigated Andrew’s crimes in the first series.

We have yet to see who the perpetrator is – and whether or not Liar can win back enough viewers who will tune in to the end to find out.

  • Liar is on ITV next Monday at 9pm

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