Liar viewers frustrated after latest episode

They weren't impressed by the major police blunder

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Viewers of ITV’s new drama, Liar, were left face-palming themselves unconscious after cops on the show failed to spot a MAJOR clue.

The second episode of the gripping drama showed Laura Nielson (Joanne Froggart), who has accused surgeon Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffurd) of raping her, break into his house after becoming frustrated by the detectives working on her case not appearing to do very much.

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While she was snooping around, after remembering Andrew telling her where he hid his spare key on their ill-fated date, Laura found a vial of something she believed to be date rape drug GHB under his bed.

Laura firmly believes that Andrew drugged her and raped her after she invited him into her flat to charge his phone and call a cab.

Andrew has, just as firmly, denied the claims and insists the sex they had was fully consensual.

She was convinced her discovery would add some weight to her version of events, but obviously couldn’t ‘fess up to breaking and entering.

The teacher called on help from her ex-boyfriend Tom, who happens to be a police officer, and – after a bit of blackmail – he got the drug squad to raid Andrew’s house.

It was bad news for Laura though. Even though the cops managed to find the vial, it contained insulin –  a drug used to control diabetes – rather than GHB.

Things got worse for Laura when she discovered that she’d lost one of her earrings. A frantic search proved fruitless and she eventually came to the horrific conclusion that she’d dropped it in Andrew’s house.

Sure enough, Andrew discovered the errant earring lying on his bedroom floor. In full plain sight.

This is where viewers became confused. They took to Twitter to voice their disbelief over the strange turn of events.

One said: “So the police search Andrews house and yet don’t find Laura’s missing earring?? They aren’t very observant #Liar”

Another added: “Hmm how come the police didn’t find her earring during their search?! Not sure I believe her at the minute #Liar”

While a third observant viewer tweeted: “six police officers and nobody found the earring #Liar”


There was another worrying development for Laura too, when Andrew received a mysterious call from a man asking to meet with him.

The mystery man told Andrew that Laura had made similar claims before and wasn’t about to watch her ruin some other man’s life.

He said: “Hello my name is Dennis Walters. I hope you don’t mind me calling you out of the blue like this. I’d like to see you if possible, this is something I need to do in person.

“It’s about Laura Nielson. I think I might be able to help you. There’s something you need to know. There’s something she’s done before, she lied about this before, and I’ll be damned if I let her ruin some other poor [expletive] life.”

Wow. Talk about a plot twist.

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Viewers have been left questioning Laura’s version of events, especially when her own sister, Katy, wondered if she was possibly making it up after referencing a past event.

Liar continues on ITV next Monday.

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