Liar viewers disturbed as Andrew claims another victim in horrific scenes

Laura vowed to stop the creepy surgeon

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ITV drama Liar have revealed just who the liar is, just four episodes in to the series – and they’ve done it in a pretty dark way.

After the rape charges against surgeon Andrew Earlham were dropped due to lack of evidence, he was seen apparently confirming they were true all along, by going after a third victim: Detective Inspector Vanessa Harmon.

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Andrew was seen drugging the DI and, while she lay unconscious on the couch, stroking her face and taking off his clothes.

He appeared to have selected her early in the episode, reviewing her social media profiles and asking her out for a drink.

Meanwhile, Andrew’s original victim, Laura Nielson travelled to Edinburgh, hoping to find out more about the surgeon’s late wife, Mary. After a fruitless search, Laura’s flight home was cancelled, leaving her stranded in Edinburgh, and giving her one more chance to find the truth.

Laura met Catherine – a friend of Mary’s who had slept with Andrew before Mary’s suicide. But finding out about Laura’s experience with him made her question the event.

“All these years I thought it was my fault,” she said. “Then I read what you wrote, and it made me realise. I thought I was drunk and that was why I couldn’t remember anything. It felt like it happened to someone else and I was watching.”

Laura asked if Catherine thought Andrew had drugged her, and she decided he had: “He must have. I thought it was the worst mistake of my life. He said it was my idea and I believed him.”

The two then agree on one thing: “We need to make sure Andrew never does this again.”

Little do Laura and Catherine know, they’re already too late, as had Andrew assaulted the drugged and unconscious Vanessa. But the creepy surgeon may have done even more damage than he realises – as once Vanessa woke up there was one more dramatic reveal.

Vanessa was shown checking a pregnancy checker app, that revealed she was ten weeks pregnant. But a trip to the toilet showed a dangerous level of blood – has she lost her baby?

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Viewers took to twitter to express their shock. “I’m still in shock…. On the edge of my seat the whole episode… What a animal 😠😢😥😟😲 #liaritv #Liar,” said one.

While another took to pleading with the show’s actors for help: “OMG #liaritv what’s going to happen next ? The suspense is killing me #Drama please tell me you’re going to save the day @warrenisbrown 🙊🙈🙊🙈”

Some viewers struggled to reconcile their early love for the character with the reveal. “I am so disgusted with myself for thinking Andrew was ever innocent #liaritv,” said one viewer.

“Can’t believe that guy on Liar had me completely fooled… just shows you really don’t know a person! #liaritv,” said another.

One viewer even suggested the episode changed how she felt about actor Ioan Gruffudd: “….I feel like I shouldn’t love @ioangruffudd as much as I do anymore after tonight’s episode……. !
#liar #liaritv”

The penultimate episode of Liar is set to screen on Monday – will Andrew get his comeuppance?

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