Liar fans left outraged at series finale

Did Andrew get what he deserved?

While we’re sitting here wondering just what we’re going to do with our Monday evenings now ITV hit Liar has ended, fans of the show headed to Twitter in DROVES to voice their disappointment with how series one ended.

Now, there’s a bit of a spoiler coming up so if you’re waiting to watch the series finale on catch-up later, look away now.

The show ended after Laura fibbed her way into Andrew’s mum’s home, where there was – literally – a shed load of evidence of him being a serial rapist.

Andrew had evaded arrest and disappeared, only to turn up in the closing shots lying in some bogland with his throat slit.

Obviously there were plenty of twists and turns that led us up to that point – discovering Andrew’s new girlfriend, Charlotte, was an undercover police officer was brilliant.

And if anyone didn’t sprout a few grey hairs while Laura was rummaging around in the Shed of Truth, we think you’re a liar.

But many people feel that Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd) should have faced justice and some time at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

The ending left the doors wide open for series two, which as most people predicted, will be Who Killed Andrew murder mystery. (We’re putting our money on his mum, just calling that now.)

But while a second series was widely welcomed, there was a distinct mood among viewers that Andrew being killed off, was a bit, well, disappointing.

Others compared it to another brilliant drama series which left us with an anti-climax of an ending.

Liar has been ITV’s big hit of the year. With the six-part series pulling in almost six million viewers, it’s no surprise that ITV bosses want to keep the momentum going with a new series as soon as possible.

And they’d like to take the show in an intriguing new direction – with the new series set before the events of the original.

A source told The Sun: “Explaining the characters would appeal to fans who’ll be intrigued to see what underlying experiences sparked their actions.

“Bosses feel it would be the best direction to go in.”

ITV’s Head of Drama, Polly Hill, said in a statement: “‘Liar’ has gripped the nation over the last six weeks and we’re delighted both Joanne and Ioan will return to play Laura and Andrew.

“Jack and Harry Williams are incredible storytellers and part two of ‘Liar’ will have the audience equally gripped, as we find out who killed Andrew Earlham.”

Writers Jack and Harry Williams added: “We always hoped this story would return for its final chapter, and we can’t wait to be reunited with the brilliant Joanne and Ioan.”

Well, we cannot wait. Now, who’s got some good Netflix recommendations for us in the meantime?

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