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Let’s get Paul O’Grady knighted in 2023! Sign and share ED!’s petition

He already has an MBE but it's time for a promotion, Ma'am!

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Paul O’Grady is loved by millions – especially readers of Entertainment Daily – because he cares, and we mean genuinely, about the subjects of his hit ITV show For The Love Of Dogs.

It is clear presenting the show is more than just a gig for the host. Especially given that he’s rehomed a few four-legged friends from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home over the years.

Isn’t it time that his kindness and compassion towards animals is rewarded?

We certainly think so, which is why we’re calling on you, his loyal fans, to rally round and sign our petition to get Paul O’Grady knighted in the 2023 New Year’s Honours.

Arise, Sir Paul!

Paul o'grady
Paul O’Grady is a tireless supporter of animals in need (Credit: ITV)

Give Paul O’Grady a knighthood – he more than deserves it!

Yes we know he probably gets paid a tidy wage to front POGDogs, but you can just tell that Paul does it because he cares.

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There’s often not a dry eye in the house as the 30-minute episodes air, and we’re including Paul in that.

His kindness and compassion shines through and shows that POGDogs is more than just a job for him.

So why the star was “snubbed” in the 2022 New Year’s Honours is beyond us!

Paul o'grady
Paul’s ITV show For The Love Of Dogs tugs at heartstrings each and every week (Credit: ITV)

How long has For The Love Of Dogs been on?

The show started with Paul at the helm in September 2012 and it’s now on its ninth series.

Early on in the run Paul commented that he had wanted to do a show like it for years.

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He said that he took to it with an “enthusiasm that surprised everyone except me”.

And, what might surprise you is that, although filming was only scheduled to last for six days, Paul stayed on first six months afterwards as a volunteer.

At the end of the first series Battersea recognised his devotion to the animals in its care. As a result, it made him an ambassador of the home.

If they can see it, why can’t the Queen? This is where you come in…

Paul o'grady
Paul shows kindness and compassion – and often rehomes dogs from the show himself (Credit: ITV)

Why was Paul given an MBE?

Now, to give the monarch her dues, the Queen has already given Paul a gong – but he is well overdue an upgrade.

Paul was given an MBE and appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in the 2008 Birthday Honours.

He was given the acknowledgement for Services to Entertainment.

But given that he does an awful lot more than just entertain us, surely he deserves promotion.

At the time, Paul said: “It’s a really nice present. I’m really pleased, really surprised.

“It’s something I’d never even thought about.”

Paul o'grady
There’s surely no one more deserving of a knighthood than Paul (Credit: ITV)

How you can help get Paul his knighthood

You can sign our petition here – but that’s just the first step!

We need you to share this article – which includes a link to our exclusive petition – on your social media channels and with all of your animal-loving friends.

As the signatures rack up, the powers that be will hopefully sit up and listen to you, the public, and give the lovely Paul the true honour that he deserves.

We simply can’t wait to see him honoured and hear the Queen utter the immortal words: “Arise, Sir Paul O’Grady.”

Paul O’Grady: For The Love Of Dogs airs on ITV at 8pm on Wednesdays.

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