Laurel arrested on the day of Emma Barton’s funeral!

Is she the killer or is she covering up for someone?

Emma Barton’s killer is revealed in Emmerdale tonight – and as Laurel’s arrested after new evidence comes to light, could she be the culprit?

Or is she covering up for son Arthur?

Tonight’s double episode starts with Harriet leading the service at Emma’s funeral.

It’s the day of Emma’s funeral (Credit: ITV)

But the few people who are there don’t seem to be grieving for Mrs Barton (which is no surprise, really). Instead they’re thinking about their own situations.

And Laurel’s down at the police station, having been called in for more questions after new evidence comes to light.

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She’s stunned when DS Benton and DC Wilson show her an incriminating photograph. What’s in the pic? And does it prove Laurel’s guilt? Or someone else’s?

Laurel’s shocked when she’s shown new evidence (Credit: ITV)

After Laurel’s son Arthur’s odd behaviour on-screen this week, fans are convinced he’s the real killer.

Fans are convinced Arthur is the real killer! (Credit: ITV)

Could Laurel be covering up for her little boy?

Or is the photograph something else entirely?

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Elsewhere, the Barton brothers are at each other’s throats, Adam and Victoria are falling apart, and Moira sits by daughter Holly’s grave, wondering whether she should take the drugs she’s bought.

Pete’s not coping (Credit: ITV)

Any one of them could be the killer – but with the evidence stacking up against Laurel, is she the real culprit?

At least we don’t have long to wait before we find out!

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