Laura Tobin GMB (Credit: ITV)

Terrified Laura Tobin freaks out on GMB as herd of cows circles her

The Good Morning Britain star apologised to viewers

Laura Tobin looked terrified as a herd of cows gatecrashed her weather report on GMB today (August 7).

The Good Morning Britain presenter was broadcasting live from a field in the Cotswolds countryside at the time.

Laura Tobin GMB (Credit: ITV)
Laura Tobin freaked out on GMB over a herd of cows (Credit: ITV)

Laura  Tobin freaks out on GMB

As she tried to present today’s weather forecast, the host froze on screen as her eyes widened.

“Sorry, there’s one getting really really close,” she said. “It’s nipping at everything!

“I’m sorry, I know you want to hear about the weather – I’m just going to stay as still as I can. I’m sorry.”

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Ranvir Singh and Adil Ray found the situation hilarious as they watched on from the studio.

Laura Tobin GMB (Credit: ITV)
The cows got a little too close for comfort (Credit: ITV)

“Laura, where are you parked, can you make a run for it if you need to?” Ranvir laughed.

Adil added: “They are boxing you in – they are definitely planning something!”

Laura then awkwardly tried to take a selfie but as more cows began walking towards her, she started to panic.

“There are cows everywhere,” she added.  “You know what they say, ever work with children or animals.

“Obviously, the cows are really inquisitive and they’re wondering what we’re doing – but one came really close and looked at me.

“It was really big! The crew were like stay still, don’t look at it.

“And now they’re all looking at me wondering what we’re doing and why we’re spoiling their morning.

“But they are absolutely gorgeous.”

Laura Tobin GMB (Credit: ITV)
Laura apologised for panicking (Credit: ITV)

GMB viewers react

Viewers tuning in at home found the scenes hilarious and were quick to take to Twitter afterwards.

One wrote: “This Weather forecast is brilliant with the Cows walking around LauraRolling on the floor laughing #GMB.”

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A second added: “@GMB funniest thing ever! The weather has me crying with laughter. The cows only want to know if you have breakfast or treats!! Those poor cows!!!”

Moment later, a third wrote: “Laura Tobin has got some bottle here on #GMB No way I would be that close to cows!”

Shortly after, a fourth tweeted: “The cows on the weather haha. Love it!”

Laura Tobin GMB (Credit: ITV)
The host was presenting the weather on GMB from the Cotswolds (Credit: ITV)

Laura Tobin’s weather warning

When Laura was finally able to present the weekend’s weather, she warned of record-breaking temperatures.

“There’s a Met Office alert saying the very old, the very young people and vulnerable people, could be at risk with this hot spell of weather, so stay in doors, close the curtains, open the windows and stay hydrated,” she added.

“For me, it’s just really concerning to talk about these record temperatures.

“It’s 37 degrees todays which will make it the fifth hottest day that the UK has ever recorded.

“This will be the first time we have ever seen 37 degrees twice in one year.

“Please be responsible, enjoy the sunshine but stay safe!”

Good Morning Britain is on ITV, weekdays at 6am.

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