Kym Marsh defends Corrie co-star after Dancing On Ice backlash

What a loyal friend!

Kym Marsh has jumped to Antony Cotton’s defence after that debut performance on Dancing On Ice.

Coronation Street star Antony and partner Brandee Malto opened the entire series two weeks ago with a colourful and accomplished Club Tropicana-themed skate.

But some viewers were baffled when Antony ended his routine by yanking at Brandee’s top and appearing to take a cheeky peek.

Of course, eagle-eyed fans would have noticed something fell out of Brandee’s top mid-way through the skate.

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And, putting two and two together, obviously Antony was looking for whatever it was.

It later emerged that Antony was supposed to end the routine by grabbing a wad of cash from Brandee’s top but, after it fell out, when he looked for it, nothing was there.

And that’s just what Corrie co-star Kym said when she jumped to his defence in her OK! magazine column.

After praising Antony for doing “amazingly well” on the ice, Kym said: “He got a bit of backlash for pulling down his skating partner Brandee Malto’s top but that was part of their routine!”

Kym continued: “I saw him afterwards and there was supposed to be money down her top, but when he went to look for it, the notes had fallen out onto the ice.

“Some people were like, ‘Why has he just looked down her top?’ I was like, come on guys, as if Antony would do something so ridiculous!”

Dancing On Ice co-host Phillip Schofield was the one who first explained the slight mishap with Antony and Brandee’s routine.

Phil said on This Morning: “When you get in the car and you’re coming home [from Dancing On Ice], you’re looking at what people are saying on Twitter. It was generally very positive, which is lovely, and thank you very much for watching, if you enjoyed it.

“One thing was massive… it’s funny how people misunderstand and don’t quite see what’s going on.

“Antony got a bit of stick for looking down Brandee’s top.

“Well, if you don’t watch it perfectly in rehearsals, [what happened was the] money dropped out of her top, and at the end of the routine, he’s supposed to take it out of her top.

“He looked for it and, oh no, it wasn’t there!

“Being the showman he is, he carried on.

“He wasn’t just randomly looking down her top. He was looking for the prop and that’s what happened.

“So there’s no need to melt, Twitter!”

Holly Willoughy then chimed in: “No, there wasn’t!”

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Antony and Brandee earned 15.5 points for their Club Tropicana theme, landing them in the middle of the first week’s score board.

The first celebrity to be sent home from this series of Dancing On Ice was Candice Brown.

The former Great British Bake Off winner landed in the bottom two alongside popstar Lemar.

And sadly for Candice, although two judges voted to save Candice and two voted to save Lemar, one of the votes for Lemar was from head judge Christopher, which meant it was a decisive vote that sent Candice home.