Kiosk Keith’s ex-wife leaps to his defence following shock I’m A Celebrity sacking

She says he isn't a "sexual predator"

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Certain parts of I’m A Celebrity just can’t change. Ant and Dec on hosting duty for example, or the rope bridge intro.

One thing we thought would stay the same forever would be Kiosk Keith, the infamous “Outback Shack” shopkeeper.

Unfortunately, Keith – real name Raymond Grant – was dramatically axed from the show at the end of the last series.

Keith in his kiosk (Credit: ITV)

It was reported that a female member of the crew complained to ITV bosses about some inappropriate behaviour Keith had made towards her, leading to his dismsisal.

His misdemeanour allegedly included smacking the female colleague on the backside.

But Keith’s had a very unlikely supporter in his corner today.

Keith had been part of the furniture for years (Credit: ITV)

His ex-wife Donna, 42, has told The Sun her former husband is a loving family man, and has been unfairly treated.

Donna said: “It was just a pat on the [bleep]. It’s been made out to be he’s some kind of sexual predator. He’s not at all.

“A young girl walked past and he slapped her on the [bleep]. Everyone laughed. She went to the bosses and said it was sexual harassment.

“I’m not condoning that he slapped her on the bottom. No one wants that. But he’s being made out to be this horrible man when he really isn’t.”

He rarely cracked a smile (Credit: ITV)

She added: “I just wanted to get the truth out there so people know that he isn’t some kind of horrible predator.”

Kiosk Keith has been a fixture on I’m A Celebrity for years, after first helping create the original set back in 2002.

His grumpy, no-nonsense persona made him a hit with fans.

And Ant and Dec also appeared to love working with him – as evidenced by this Instagram shot from 2015 where they referred to him as a “crazy guy.”

More madcap laughs with Keith (Credit: Instagram)

After his surprise sacking from the UK and German versions of I’m A Celebrity, a statement from ITV simply read: “Ray is no longer under contract on the show. There are no plans for him to return this year.”

In her impassioned defence of Keith, Donna also spoke of his children, and claimed he “is not like that and never has been.”

The couple may have split in 2003, but it seems like there’s still a lot of support there!

And Keith, who’s returned to farming life after leaving the show, will no doubt be glad to hear it.