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Kim Kardashian on Netflix: 11 things we learned from her David Letterman interview

The reality star discusses her wild life story on a Netflix special

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We’ve all been Keeping Up with Kim Kardashian and her family for more than a decade now, so you’d think that there’s very little we don’t know about the reality star.

But Kim laid herself bare on the Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, and talked about some of her most private memories with the legendary chat show host.

From that horrific Paris robbery to Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation and with Kim now pivoting from Insta-influencer to lawyer, here’s everything we learned from the 45-minute show.

The Kardashian Klan all need watches

An embarrassed looking Khloe, Kourtney and Kris all scuttle in to the audience late, leading David to quip: “Here come the latecomers. For Christ’s sake…Show time’s not on the ticket? Just have a seat.”

Kim’s got a huge fashion and beauty empire – but there’s one skill she’s still lacking

“I don’t know how to do hair”, she confesses. Still, there’s a glam team on hand for that and when asked by David how much her all-real human hair ponytail extension cost, she reveals she did “one Instagram post for ‘a lifetime of hair'”.

Despite being worth a rumoured $900 million, she thinks it’s crass to talk cash

“I don’t talk money…I think sometimes it’s inappropriate,” she dodges when quizzed about cold, hard cash.

Kim Kardashian interviewed by David Letterman
(Credit: Adam Rose/ Netflix)

Her late dad, Robert Kardashian, took her and Kourtney to watch the OJ Simpson trial as teens

Kim Kardashian was “13 or 14” at the time of the OJ Simpson trial, who was in court accused of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her dad Robert was part of his defence team.

Nicole was Kris Jenner’s best friend. Kim says: “It kind of tore our family apart at the time…My mum believed that her friend was murdered by him.”

One day, she explains, her dad let her and Kourtney skip school and watch the trial with him in the courtroom. Kris clocked them and sent them a look that said: “What are you doing out of school? What are you doing here?”, she says.

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She was mistaken for her dad’s mistress after the trial was over

Her dad let her drive his car (aged just 14!) after the trial was over, and she was clocked by the press who printed that Kim was his mistress. Ew, no.

She still refuses to reveal whether she thought OJ was guilty or not.

OJ was eventually acquitted, despite evidence revealing otherwise, but Kim is still sitting on the fence with making her views public. “I’ve never expressed how I felt because I respect his children,” she says diplomatically to David.

In her training as a lawyer, she’s highly specific about her preference of pen

For all her hours of written exams to pass the bar, “I don’t like a gel roller,” she reveals, after it smudges. More breaking news here as we get it.

Kim Kardashian chooses pens
(Credit: Netflix)

She dodges the question of who she’s voting for in the American election

She pauses, laughs a little, then changes the conversation slightly to her law reform work she’s been doing with Donald Trump’s team instead. “Trust me, everyone called me and said don’t you dare set foot in that White House or your reputation is done. I said ‘I have to step in there otherwise these people’s lives don’t have a chance'”.

Guess this means she’s not voting for Kanye?

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Kim Kardashian takes a selfie
(Credit: Adam Rose/ Netflix)

On the morning of the Paris robbery she had a hypothetical conversation about what would happen if they were robbed

Over a meal with Kourtney and friends, they actually discussed what would happen if they were mugged. Kim says: “I said I would say take everything”. Just a few hours later, the premonition came true, in the worst possible way.

She didn’t call the police when the robbers broke into the apartment as she couldn’t remember the number for 911 in France

Weirdly, France doesn’t have a catch-all emergency number like 999, just lots of separate local phone numbers to call instead. For future reference, it’s probably best to call 112.

She has a most-used swear word

It’s very weird to hear her finally swear, after years of it being bleeped out on KUWTK. She drops the F-bomb and says: “It’s my favourite of the bad words.”

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman is available to stream on Netflix now.

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