Katie Price's Mucky Mansion - why did it get so mucky?

Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion: Why did it get so mucky and how much is it worth?

It's had a torrid history - from dog poo to leaking sewage!

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Katie Price gets stuck into her so-called ‘mucky mansion’ tonight in a new Channel 4 series (Wednesday January 26).

Over the years, the 19-room house in Sussex has become legendary.

And like its owner, the mansion has had a turbulent recent history.

So why is her mansion so mucky, and how did it get into that state?

Katie Price's Mucky Mansion - why did it get so mucky?
The mum-of-five outside her Sussex home (Credit: Channel 4)

Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion: When did she buy it, how much did it cost and what is the show all about?

Katie bought the grand house from former Horsham MP and Cabinet minister Frances Maude in 2014 for £1.3million.

It also came with a tennis court and swimming pool.

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Despite its grand nature and the fact that it sits in 10 acres of land, over the years several horror stories meant it fell into disrepair.

Now Katie wants to do it up and “make it a home” again.

The three-part series will follow the mum-of-five as she tries to renovate and do it all up.

Katie Price's Mucky Mansion - why did it get so mucky?
Katie wants to make it into a home again (Credit: Channel 4)

Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion: How much is she being paid for the show?

The Sun newspaper has claimed that Katie is being paid £45,000 for show.

It also alleged that the production team would be paying costs towards the renovation.

However, Channel 4 refuted these claims, telling the newspaper: “Production did not pay for the costs of any renovations of the house.”

Katie Price's Mucky Mansion - why did it get so mucky?
Katie inside the mansion (Credit: YouTube)

Why is it called the ‘Mucky Mansion’?

The mansion first came to people’s attention thanks to an appearance on Through The Keyhole.

As Keith Lemon wandered around the house, viewers spotted horse poo on the driveway and clutter inside. Even Keith joked Katie’s wardrobe looked like “a jungle”.

Some viewers branded it a “dump” and “dirty”.

However, Katie defended her home later in the episode.

She said: “I said to them to give me two more weeks as we are having it renovated.

“It will look completely different, but you guys didn’t want to wait.”

Katie Price's Mucky Mansion - why did it get so mucky?
The mansion has had a torrid history (Credit: YouTube)

What happened to the mansion?

In 2019, Katie took to her YouTube channel in attempt to show that she had cleaned it up.

But the attempt backfired.

Piles of bird poo could be seen in the stables and old kids’ toys were stacked up outside.

Caretaker Charles Farthing also lifted the lid on what it was like living there after he worked on the site for five months.

He said there was dog poo everywhere, and wind blew through broken windows.

He also told The Sun he found “empty drugs wraps” underneath a mattress in an annexe.

“I didn’t see her drink that much in the house, or take drugs, but when she came back from nights out she was clearly off her head, so I knew she was on something,” he said.

Burgled and vandalised

As the house underwent renovations, Katie revealed it had been burgled for a third time earlier in 2021.

In another YouTube video, she said: “This house was burgled.

“So much [bleep] has gone. Even hard drives have gone.

“Oh well, if anyone wants to go through my old photos go for it. If it makes you feel good.”

The mansion was broken into twice and ransacked a year before.

Also in 2020, the driveway was pictured “swimming in sewage” after a septic tank leaked.

Why did Katie Price leave her mucky mansion?

In 2020, Katie moved out of the mansion because she thought it was “cursed” and full of “bad luck”.

Living with fiancé Carl Woods in rented accommodation, she said she had no plans to go back and even added that she “hates” it.

In another YouTube video around the same time, Katie showed her picking up some belongings.

She told viewers: “Welcome to my old house. I absolutely hate this house. So let’s make this quick as I can’t stick being here too long.”

Katie Price's Mucky Mansion - why did it get so mucky?
Reports claim it has lost half its value (Credit: Channel 4)

What is the mansion worth now?

Earlier this month (January 2022), Katie was reportedly told that the house had lost “£1million” off its value.

A source told The Sun: “Katie knew it was in a bad state, but when she found out it’s now worth less than a million – half it’s original value – while filming the new show, it was a real shock.

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“She’s going to do everything she can to get it back to it’s former glory and make it worth something again.

“It’s a real disaster for her.”

Let’s see if she can turn the place around.

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