Katie Price on Mucky Mansion

Katie Price under fire after terminally ill mum Amy’s surprise on Mucky Mansion

The Channel 4 show came to an end last night

Katie Price divided viewers during the latest episode of her Channel 4 show Mucky Mansion.

The reality series has documented Katie‘s renovations to her Sussex home, after letting it fall into disrepair in recent years.

During last night’s show (February 9), viewers watched on as mum Amy decorated a special room for her daughter.

latest news Katie Price on Mucky Mansion
Katie Price was surprised by mum Amy and sister Sophie on Mucky Mansion (Credit: Channel 4)

Katie Price on Mucky Mansion

Amy, who is battling a terminal lung condition, explained that she wanted a calming space for Katie, 43.

The 69-year-old said: “Once it is done I want it to be a happy room, a comforting room, whenever she is sort of not feeling too good she can come in here and it will be quiet.

“And she can reflect. That’s what I think will be nice for her. I’ve had this Chinese bureau for fifty years myself and well, it’s just been with me.”

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Enlisting the help of daughter Sophie, the pair turned their attention to transforming the garden room.

Amy decorated the room with statement floral wallpaper and bamboo furniture – a far cry from Katie’s usual style.

Ahead of the big reveal, the reality star shared her doubts over Amy’s “hideous” furniture.

Katie Price on Mucky Mansion
The room looked completely different to Katie’s usual style (Credit: Channel 4)

Katie said: “If I really hate the room, I’m in a situation where I just can’t change it because I don’t want to hurt my mum’s feelings.

“But at the same time, I don’t want to have a room in my house that I really hate. I won’t be able to fake it because they’ll know whether I’m lying.”

Katie went on to give her honest opinion as Amy and Sophie unveiled the room.

How did Katie react to the garden room?

Commenting on the space, Katie remarked: “To be honest, it’s very different and it does suit the house. The wallpaper – considering I thought it was absolutely rank – it does suit the room.

“It’s not my taste… you’ve done a good effort.”

Amy went on to say: “It’s not your glittery [bleep],” with Katie responding: “Well, it’s your flowery [bleep].”

Katie Price on Mucky Mansion
Katie Price was surprised by her mum Amy on Mucky Mansion (Credit: Channel 4)

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However, Katie soon had a change of heart and praised her mum’s efforts.

She added: “I’m not going to change it. To be fair, I’ve got to give it to my mum because she’s done a good job in this room. I absolutely love it.”

But some viewers took issue with Katie’s initial response to the room.

Mucky Mansion viewers take to social media

On Twitter, one complained: “So [bleeping] ungrateful. That’s a nice room. I’ll have it for free please! #MuckyMansion.”

Another added: “Ungrateful. Should have just painted it pink and stuck tacky neon [bleep] on the walls #MuckyMansion.”

A third wrote: “It’s a lovely room, it’s classy and they made the effort. Katie is ungrateful #MuckyMansion.”

In addition, a fourth shared: “The only room with a touch of class and she hates it! #MuckyMansion.”

Another posted: “‘I’m not going to change it’ well isn’t that nice of her after all their work especially considering the health of her mum #MuckyMansion.”

However, others were touched by the heartwarming reveal.


One tweeted: “Lovely watching @KatiePrice with her mum & sister! They’ve such a lovely bond & great sense of humour #MuckyMansion.”

A second penned: “Bless Katie’s mum Amy that unit is important to her. Something to remember her by #MuckyMansion.”

Furthermore, a third said: “I absolutely love that room! Katie’s mum has good taste! #MuckyMansion.”

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