Kate Humble on Channel 5: Who is the Coastal Britain host’s husband Ludo Graham? Where is their farm?

She's back with a brand new series about coastal walks

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The Kate Humble Channel 5 series Coastal Britain gets underway this week.

She’s best known for shows about animals, nature and country life, and even runs a working farm!

How much do you know about the TV presenter? Read on to find out more about her farm, husband and her brand new series.

Kate Humble usually presents shows about nature and country living (Credit:

Where is Channel 5 star Kate Humble’s farm?

Kate runs a farm business called Humble by Nature. It’s located in the Wye Valley, just outside Monmouth in South Wales.

The company’s website reveals: “Humble by Nature is a 117 acre working farm. Owned by the council and tenanted for at least four generations, it was due to be broken up and sold in 2010 when the last tenants retired.

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“Kate and [husband] Ludo felt it was too important an asset to the area, farming and the community to be lost.

“They persuaded the council to let them take it on, keep it tenanted and run a business that would reconnect people with the land and keep traditional rural skills and crafts alive.”

Kate also presents Escape to the Farm (Credit: Perry Smylie / /

Does Kate Humble have children?

No, Kate does not have any children.

She’s previously spoke about how the lockdown reinforced her belief it was the right decision.

She told the Mirror: “This sounds very apocalyptic, but we’re living in a world which is hugely unpredictable and if the last year has taught us anything, it’s taught us that.

If people want to have kids that is totally fine, but no one should feel that somehow they are inadequate or selfish.

“And you really want to think, ‘Do I want to bring a child into this world?’ That is an entirely valid reason. The world’s population is going through the roof.”

Speaking further, she pointed out that it’s perfectly fine for people to decide not to have kids – slamming claims it’s somehow ‘selfish’.

She continued: “If people want to have kids that is totally fine, but no one should feel that somehow they are inadequate or selfish – that’s something I’ve been called a lot – or just weird if they don’t want kids.”

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Who is the Channel 5 presenter’s husband?

Kate’s husband’s name is Ludo Graham. They married in 1992, having met at a party when they were teenagers.

Humble by Nature’s website reveals that Ludo grew up in rural Yorkshire. Eventually he moved to London and spent the first 20 years of his career as a TV producer.

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He left all that behind in 2010 to help Kate with Humble by Nature, but has since returned to the TV industry to head up True Vision Wales.

Outside of his work with that firm, Ludo still helps Kate with the farm.

Is Kate Humble a vegetarian?

No, Kate isn’t a vegetarian.

Speaking to Your Healthy Living about her diet, she said: “I eat a lot of green vegetables and salads and I like fish and chicken, but I don’t eat as much meat as I used to.

“I don’t take meat for granted. I look upon it as a treat, which is what it should be. I’ve always really liked vegetarian food.”

Kate has a brand new series, Coastal Britain (Credit: Curve Media / Channel 5)

New Channel 5 Kate Humble series Coastal Britain

In the first episode of Coastal Britain, Kate starts her journey at Porlock Weir in Somerset and visits St Bueno’s, a tiny church with a dark past.

She also travels to the valley that inspired Lorna Doone, the 1869 novel about outlaws and revenge by author RD Blackmore.

Elsewhere, Kate gets to take an incredibly steep ride on the world’s highest water-powered railway.

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