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Kate Garraway news: Ranvir Singh brands GMB co-host ‘remarkable’ as she cares for her two kids with Derek alone

Ranvir is 'crushed' she can't do more for Kate, William and Darcey

Kate Garraway has been praised as a “remarkable” woman by her breakfast news co-star Ranvir Singh.

Ranvir made the comments about Kate in a new interview, in which she revealed she wished she could do more for Kate.

It comes as Kate’s husband Derek Draper remains in hospital after contracting coronavirus last March.

ranvir singh on the red carpet
Ranvir Singh has branded her breakfast news co-star Kate Garraway ‘remarkable’

What did Ranvir say about Kate Garraway?

Speaking to Hello!, Good Morning Britain star Ranvir revealed she felt “crushed” that lockdown means she can’t do more for Kate.

She said she wished she could be in the star’s bubble, “cooking for her”.

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Ranvir revealed: “If I could be in her bubble and in her kitchen cooking for her, I would. All I can do is call to talk or send things in the post.”

If I could be in her bubble and in her kitchen cooking for her, I would. All I can do is call to talk or send things in the post.

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 star Ranvir also revealed the kind gesture she had made towards Kate and her kids, William and Darcey.

“When Kate told me her kids are into eating fruit, I sent them a basket of fruit. Not being able to do more is crushing,” she revealed.

Kate garraway arrives for work
Kate has previously said that Ranvir has been her rock (Credit: Splash News)

How is Kate coping as a single parent?

Last month Kate revealed Ranvir had been her rock during Derek’s health battle.

So it appears Ranvir has been helping Kate and her young family more than she knows.

Kate revealed that Ranvir had given her advice on being a single parent.

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“I’m lucky that I’m being supported by lots of friends, too, and Ranvir has been really helpful because she’s been operating as a single mum since her son, Tushaan, was very little.

“I asked her: ‘How do you do it?’ and she said: ‘You just have to accept that you can’t do everything.’”

Now Ranvir has revealed the reassurance she offered Kate as she cares for her children alone.

She said: “Kate’s having to be a single parent to their two children, which is so hard. I told her: ‘Being a single mum is like hiking in flip flops through the snow every day.'”

Ranvir added that Kate is “remarkable, a proper grafter”.

What happened to Kate on GMB today?

On the show today (February 16), Kate locked horns with a guest who was opposed to rumoured COVID vaccine passports.

Kate told her: “The argument would be, if you choose not to have the vaccine, that is your choice, but it has consequences.”

Consequences Kate sadly knows only too well.

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