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Thursday 6th August 2020

Kate Garraway forced to change her outfit three times on GMB

She was left slightly flustered

Kate Garraway was left flustered after having to change her outfit three times in the first 20 minutes of Friday's Good Morning Britain.

The presenter, 51, explained that she was initially wearing a striped top just before coming on air, however she had to change it because it would have created a "strobing effect" on camera.

Now wearing a black top underneath her red blazer, Kate said she didn't have time to head back to her dressing room so she had to change her top in the studio!

Kate had to change her outfit three times on the show (Credit: ITV)

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Kate's co-star Ranvir Singh asked the star: "Are you alright, Kate?"

Katie replied: "I've just had a little bit of a fluster.

"I had a top on which was stripey and it does something called strobing on television which would basically freak your TV out at home, you wouldn't be able to watch it.

"So [the producers] said, 'Kate's got to change her top!' and we didn't have time to go back to the dressing room, so I just went out there [pointed at the studio].

"Claire our sound girl said, 'Ed [one of the crew], who's very young, avert your eyes, it's like a woman only wrinklier.'"

Kate said she had to change her top minutes before coming on air (Credit: ITV)

Ranvir joked: "Is Ed in therapy now? Is he okay everybody?"

Laughing, Kate quipped: "So rude! I've already phoned HR, you can't speak like that!"

She added: "But I think [Ed] is quite traumatised and I'm not fully dressed but we'll be OK."

Ranvir replied: "Don't worry, we've got Love Island contestants on!"

About 20 minutes later, Kate had changed her top again - this time to a red top.

20 minutes into the show, Kate decided to change her top again (Credit: ITV)

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Ranvir joked: "Kate can't decide on what to wear today."

Kate added: "I've changed twice and it's only 6:20 am. We've got some people from Love Island on later and I've got a fantastic outfit for that!"

Viewers watching from home reassured Kate that she looked great.

One person said: "Kate your outfit today looks fab."

Another added: "You look lovely Kate!"

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