Kate Garraway on GMB

Kate Garraway fears GMB sack as she misses first show back after oversleeping

Ranvir Singh was forced to step in

Kate Garraway missed her Good Morning Britain comeback today after accidentally oversleeping.

The presenter was due to make her return to the daytime show on Thursday following her stint on I’m A Celebrity earlier this month.

However, Kate fell asleep last night and forgot to set her alarms and when bosses tried to wake her up, she didn’t meaning her co-star Ranvir Singh was forced to step in.

Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh on GMB
Ranvir had to step in and replace Kate (Credit: ITV)

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At the start of the show, Ben Shephard said to Ranvir: “It’s lovely to have you here, I wasn’t expecting you to be here this morning,” to which she replied: “Well yes, it’s a bit of a surprise to me too.”

Ranvir explained: “3.26am, I got a text message this morning, just shortly after my alarm went off because I’m usually outside in the dark and the rain.

Listen, I’m going to get fired. I can’t believe I’ve done this.

“I love it out there. ‘Hi love,’ this is from our lovely editor, ‘we’ve got a problem – we can’t raise Kate Garraway. If need be could you step in to do the show with Ben. We’ll keep you posted.'”

Ben joked: “As we all know, Kate’s been off having a wonderful time in the jungle – we’ve been put through a Bushtucker trial of watching her every night.”

Richard Arnold added: “We can’t afford Kate any more can we?”

Kate Garraway on GMB
Kate couldn’t believe she overslept (Credit: ITV)

Ben continued: “She’s changed, we couldn’t wake her up. She maintains that she’s never done this before. But what we can do is go live to the Garraway household.”

Kate then appeared on the show via video call and putting her hand over her mouth, she said: “Listen, I’m going to get fired. I can’t believe I’ve done this.

“I’ve still got my hair blow dried, all my make-up on from yesterday. Billy’s [her son] off school at the moment, he’s off school because he’s got this bug so he was laying next to me and I fell asleep. I’ve still got my shoes on.”

Ben asked: “But did you not set an alarm?” to which Kate said: “I fell asleep and next thing I know it’s 20 minutes ago. I’ve never done this in 20 years.

“When we were in the jungle I was so smug because I said I had never overslept. I’m going to get fired.”

Ben joked: “Kate Garraway, you have one sniff of primetime and this is what happens,” to which Kate exclaimed: “No! It’s not that at all, it’s the opposite. This is my first show back, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

“Shall I just come now? I’ve got six alarm clocks and I didn’t set any of them. It feels so horrible. I’m so sorry, please don’t fire me.”

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Sharing a snap of herself to Instagram, Kate said: “Oh no – disaster – overslept on my 1st morning back at work on @gmb. Fell asleep last night fully made up with clothes on and contacts in – didn’t set alarm.

“Woke up looking like this!!!??!!! Can’t believe it – am going to get fired first morning back! And to think @adeleroberts & @romankemp we were talking about this in the jungle and I was proudly saying I had never overslept enough in 20 years to actually miss a show!!!! That’s karma.”

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