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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Kate Garraway clashes with naked guest on Good Morning Britain

She interviewed an anti-Brexit protester

Kate Garraway clashed with an anti-Brexit campaigner who stripped off naked for a live interview on today's Good Morning Britain.

Victoria Bateman - who believes that leaving the European Union leaves Britain 'naked' - revealed why she chooses to protest without clothing and insisted she is not an "exhibitionist".

Victoria recently hit headlines during a chat with John Humphries on BBC Radio 4’s Today Show, when she stripped off for a political message.

Victoria was naked during her interview (Credit: ITV)

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Stand-in host Richard Madeley explained why the screen was blurred on Victoria, saying: "We have blurred the image to protect your modesty and everyone at home - even though you don’t mind."

Kate was quick to ask Victoria - who had "Brexit leaves Britain naked" written across her chest - why being naked is so important.

Victoria replied: "As an economist, I’m used to using words and equations and in the run-up to the referendum, I must have penned thousands of words looking at how Brexit will be bad for Britain.

Kate admitted she was "distracted" by Victoria in the nude (Credit: ITV)

"When I think about my own thoughts and feelings about big issues, not just Brexit, I'm effected by much more than words alone."

Richard didn't seem bothered by the nudity, however, Kate wasn't so keen.

She said: "I think it is a little bit shocking. We don’t see naked people who aren’t close to us - our children or family members - very often."

I think it is a little bit shocking. We don’t see naked people who aren’t close to us very often.

The protester said: "I am a woman who is in control of my own body and happy to use my body to share an important message.

Victoria had "Brexit leaves Britain naked" written across her chest (Credit: ITV)

"Why should I as a woman only be allowed to use my body for sex and babies?"

Kate hit back: "It is quite distracting, that fact you're naked. Women have fought for a long time for their words to be heard and you’re now distracting them with your naked body."

Victoria said: "I understand that point and 10 years ago, I would never have dreamed of doing something like this.

"If you see me on a day I’m not protesting, I always dress quite modestly. I have no problem at all with nudity and I think we should be free to do what we want."

She added: "What is embarrassing about a woman's body? What is embarrassing about a woman being comfortable and confident in her own skin."

Viewers were divided over Victoria's interview (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers watching from home were divided over Victoria being naked on the show.

One person said on Twitter: "Why do you put naked women on in the morning while KIDS are eating breakfast. I understand that its pixelated but it's still a strange situation to be in."

Another tweeted: "If I wasn’t already sick of hearing about #Brexit... turn on #GMB and there is some naked idiot discussing it, weird people in the world."

A third added: "Why is this woman on @GMB naked for Brexit??? For real??"

Others defended her.

One person said: "This is a free country and she’s entitled to deliver her message clothed or naked. Her choice."

Another wrote: "Good on her if that's what she wants to do - not sure it is particularly effective other than in the first instant - but each to their own."

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