Karen Taylor’s constant wardrobe malfunction has really got Easties fans’ backs up!

Eagle-eyed viewers have noticed something about the Taylor family that's driving them crazy

Soap fans can often be at war, over which is their favourite show or character, or whether they approve of the latest love triangle or are enjoying the newest storylines.

But, for once – and on one subject – everyone seems to be in completely agreement.

Although it’s not great news for the people over at EastEnders, as what’s got everyone united is how much they all completely HATE something.

Yes, hundreds of viewers have come together to share how COMPLETELY INFURIATING they find it that Karen Taylor from EastEnders seems incapable of wearing a bra properly.

EastEnders viewers aren’t happy (Credit: Twitter)

In every single scene in every single episode, the single mum (played by actress Lorraine Stanley) has one or both of her bra straps hanging half way down her arm.

Whether she’s comforting her son Keanu who can’t get a job, pretending to be a cleaner to escape from bailiffs, or comforting pregnant daughter Bernadette, her ill-fitting bras take a starring role.

Karen and the rest of the Taylors – who only recently moved to the Square – are involved in a difficult storyline.

The family have no money coming in, are being pursued by debt collection agencies and last night had their electricity cut off.

But viewers admit they are finding it difficult to muster any sympathy, as they’re too busy being IRRITATED by the constant presence of her bra straps.

(Credit: Twitter)

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Am I the only one who gets annoyed that her bra straps are always down?” while another added: “Swear Karen on eastenders always has her bra strap falling down? I mean sort it out so it fits, that would irritate me so much.”

One questioned: “How irritating is it seeing Karen’s bra straps, I don’t know how the actress copes with them hanging down 24/7” and another joked: “Never mind bailiffs, no electric and other such drama, Karen Taylor’s main aim should be to sort her bra straps out!”

(Credit: Twitter)

It might seem a small thing, but it’s certainly got everyone talking – and fuming.

Although a couple of viewers were able to see the funny side, tweeting: “Even in the dark, you can still see Karen’s pink bra strap.”

And another joked: “I’m thinking Karen’s bra strap should have its own TV show.”

(Credit: Twitter)

EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC1.

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