Judge Rinder viewers shocked as ‘Ed Sheeran’ appears on show

The Shape Of You singer has a serious doppelgänger!

Judge Rinder viewers couldn’t believe their eyes this week when Ed Sheeran appeared on the show seeking compensation for an unpaid debt.

Or, at least, it looked a LOT like Ed Sheeran!

wes judge tinder ed sheehan lookalike
Has anybody ever seen Wes and Ed in the same room? (Credit: ITV)

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ITV watchers couldn’t help noticing the insane similarity between supermarket worker Wes and global superstar Ed.

Wes appeared on the show yesterday (Thursday 6 December) to plead his case to Judge Rinder after his brother-in-law, Adam, had failed to repay a loan of £1000.

wes judge rinder ed sheeran
£1000 is a drop in the ocean for Ed, not so much for Wes (Credit: ITV)

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Adam, however, insisted he had paid back some of the money and only owed £720.

Because the pair couldn’t agree how much was owed, Judge Rinder couldn’t enforce a ruling – so Ed, sorry Wes, walked away with nothing.

Fans gathered on Twitter to remark on just how much Wes looked like Ed.

One said: “Had @edsheeran got a twin? Cause the guy on @JudgeRinderTV looks like him!”

Another said: “@edsheeran What you doing on @JudgeRinderTV?”

A third described Wes as “the love child of Ed Sheeran & Austin Powers”.

Ed sheeran
Ed or Wes? You decide! (Credit: FLYNET)

We have to admit, the similarity is striking… Even Judge Rinder commented on it!

Perhaps Wes doesn’t need that loan back after all.

Surely a career as an impersonator awaits!

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