Judge Rinder (Credit: ITV Hub)

Judge Rinder viewers in hysterics as Gogglebox star appears in court and defendant has a meltdown

James Alton had a bizarre tantrum in front of the TV judge

An appearance from Gogglebox’s Sandra Martin had Judge Rinder viewers baffled earlier this afternoon – but a meltdown from another character in court proved even more perplexing to those watching at home.

South London reality star Sandra, 57, turned up to support her pal who wanted to take action against James Alton for work she claimed she had completed and not been paid for, as well as a sum of money said to have been loaned to him.

James, however, insisted she had “sabotaged” a TV project he had been raising funds for and quibbled over whether the amount borrowed had indeed been a loan or a handout.

Nonetheless, all legal arguments quickly faded into the background – as did the novelty of Sandra being a prime witness – after James bawled his eyes out in front of a largely unsympathetic courtroom.

Judge Rinder (Credit: ITV Hub)
Eh? (Credit: ITV Hub)

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They weren’t the only ones. Viewers also cringed as he blamed “haters” for undermining him and blubbed hysterically before being encouraged to calm down.

However, the tears soon flowed again, leaving many observers on social media in stitches at the level of hysterical emotion on display.

“Omg this guy’s tantrum, I’m crying😂😂😂,” tittered one viewer.

“I was hating being poorly and having to watch daytime TV… then I put #judgerinder on 😂😂😂😂 literally howling,” said another, who may feel laughter is the best medicine.

Judge Rinder (Credit: ITV Hub)
Not a lot of sympathy for James in the courtroom (Credit: ITV Hub)

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A third commented: “Ok this is just turning into comedy gold now. #judgerinder.”

“Really struggling to keep a straight face watching this… #JudgeRinder,” added a fourth.

“Gonna be late to pick up my son from school cos I can’t stop watching #judgerinder 😂😂,” chuckled a fourth.

Another observer concluded: “Today’s Judge Rinder was absolutely hilarious 😂 #judgerinder.”

Judge Rinder ultimately awarded Sandra’s mate just over £100 after determining she had failed to prove a written agreement existed between her and James.

But among the bewildered but amused reactions from viewers, many others could not understand why Sandra – who at one point stressed the importance of contractual law, having “learned that since I’ve become famous” – was on hand for the ITV trial.

“Is that Sandra from #Gogglebox on #judgerinder or is it someone who proper looks like her 😂,” pondered a fan.

“Why is Sandra from Gogglebox on Judge Rinder pls wtf queen,” stated another.

Judge Rinder (Credit: ITV Hub)
Court is adjourned… for being too silly (Credit: ITV Hub)

Another joked: “This is a farce. What the hell is Gogglebox Sandra doing there? Hope she’s got a contract #judgerinder.”

Sandra, who also noted she insisted her granddaughter once sign a piece of paper when lending her £12, seemed to enjoy herself, though.

“So much drama…🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩,” she commented to her 127,000 Twitter fans after the show had aired.

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