Josie Gibson on This Morning

Josie Gibson screams as she’s pushed off world’s fastest zip line on This Morning

Josie is a good sport!

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Josie Gibson took one for the This Morning team once again and tried out the world’s fastest zip line.

The presenter has faced a series of terrifying challenges on the show, including a ride on a rollercoaster and swimming with sharks.

However, on Friday, she visited Wales and tackled her most extreme challenge yet.

Josie Gibson on This Morning
Josie Gibson went on the world’s fastest zip line on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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Josie was trying out the world’s fastest zip line and she wanted to pull out of the challenge at the last minute.

Josie Gibson takes on world’s fastest zipline

As she was strapped to the zip line, Josie said: “Rochelle [Humes], I cannot tell you how windy it is up here.”

Turning to the instructor, Josie asked: “Are you sure that this is totally safe because the weather is atrocious!”

Instructor James replied: “Josie, we’re absolutely positive, 100 per cent you’re fine. We’ve checked your harness now we need to set up for you to go.”

James then told Josie she was 1,200 foot above the ground, which is around the same height as the Empire State building in New York.

Josie Gibson on This morning
Rochelle Humes and Dermot O’Leary were in hysterics (Credit: ITV)

Josie said: “I’m going to faint here. I’m going to faint.”

When asked if he has any tips for her, James told Josie: “Don’t blink! You’ll miss all the fun if you blink.”

The star then asked the team to check her harness and straps once again to ensure she’s safe.

I’m going to faint here. I’m going to faint.

As they got ready to push Josie off onto the zip line, Rochelle asked: “Do you want us to give you a little three, two, one?”

Josie exclaimed: “I don’t think I can… No I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do it.”

However, the team pushed Josie off and she began screaming.

Josie Gibson on This Morning
Credit: ITV

All the way down the zip line, Josie screamed as the unsettled weather battled against her.

Back in the studio, Rochelle and co-host Dermot O’Leary burst into hysterics as they covered their faces.

Josie eventually reached the bottom of the zip line and was helped down back onto her feet.

What did Josie Gibson say?

She admitted: “I’m shaking. Thank you so much for giving me that opportunity to do that.

“As you can see, I really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed that one. My whole body is shaking here.”


She then started jumping up and down and Rochelle said: “Josie, at one point I thought you were going to throw up! Are you okay?”

Josie said: “I just can’t believe I’m alive, Rochelle. I’m so happy! Feet are on the ground, I’m shaking like a leaf.

“What a rush, what a rush!”

Viewers were in hysterics watching Josie.

One person said: “Josie Gibson being pushed down a zip wire is the best thing I’ve ever seen on television I am CRYING.”

Another wrote: “Why are they always chucking Josie Gibson off of stuff, I’m absolutely howling! Poor woman!”

A third tweeted: “Josie Gibson on This Morning just gives me life. Absolutely love her!”

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