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Jodie Comer addresses her changing accent in Talking Heads

She feared people would think it was a mistake

Jodie Comer is used to slipping into various different accents as Villanelle in Killing Eve and adopted different one in Talking Heads.

And the talented actress has admitted she feared people would think she got her accent wrong in the BBC One drama.

That’s because she played aspiring actress Lesley, whose accent changed throughout the show.

Jodie Comer played Lesley in Talking Heads (Credit: BBC)

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In Talking Heads, a series of characters perform monologues to the camera.

The original series, written by playwright Alan Bennett, was on screens decades ago.

But it recently came back as BBC bosses realised it was the perfect show to film during times of social distancing.

Actors working solo can perform without fear of risking others by getting too close.

In it, Jodie’s character thinks she has managed to get her breakthrough role in a film.

However, it becomes clear as she goes on that she’s signed on to appear in a pornographic movie instead.

Lesley’s breakthrough part turns out to be in a porno (Credit: BBC)

Phone voice

Her accent goes from being quite posh to more of a down-to-earth northern accent in the drama.

And she feared people would think it’s a mistake.

There isn’t an accent she can’t do.

“When you first see her, it’s like she’s presenting this idea of herself,” she told Radio Times Magazine.

She added: “I love this idea of the way we all have a phone voice.

“It’s like Scouse, only it’s all a little bit better pronounced, but it’s still where she’s from.

“And then the more she relaxes and is more honest with the audience, you see who she truly is.

“I thought, ‘Oh God, do you think people are going to think that I just got the accent wrong?’

The original was played by veteran actress Julie Walters.

However, Jodie said she deliberately didn’t watch much of the Julie Walters version to avoid imitating it.

As Villanelle, Jodie uses many different accents to good effect (Credit: BBC)

While many loved her performance, other fans were confused by the accent switch.

“I really love Jodie Comer and think she’s so talented but I’m struggling with her #TalkingHeads monologue.. her accent is all over the place and she’s slipping into just imitating Julie Walters,” said one on Twitter.

All over the place

Another wrote: “Jodie’s accent is a bit all over the place.”

Yet another disagreed, and said: “Her southern English ‘posh’ accent is so good, I almost didn’t realise it was #JodieComer! ”

And one other fan said: “Jodie Comer from Killing Eve is a brilliant actress man, the skill of having a Scouse accent and being able to switch it up is unbelievable! Russian, Scottish, Cockney, mate there isn’t an accent she can’t do.”

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